a knife chopped half of my health IN A SECOND

i was playing as predator

and 1 of the team come at me with his knife stabbing me
and turns out he destroyed like half of my health or more IN A MOMENT, in a freaking moment

with his knife, O K, so basically he can do more damage to me with his knife than me with the default’s predator blade weapon??

knifes in this game are unbalanced, they are too powerfull

how the hell can you take my health so fast with a knife?!?!?! is that a joke???

i aint playing with that

he chopped my health with his cringe knife, i let them kill me and i exploded myself in a roof

you come at me with ur cringe overpowered knife, i kill myself or quit, i aint playing with that
i prefer to be hacked than having half my health destroyed in a moment by a cringe knife

(im not a noob btw, im level 70 and i played mostly as predator)

lol no you don’t, believe me

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Maybe the knife hit the jugular, carotid, or femoral. Have you tried not getting hit in easily exposed veins and arteries?



I can do as much damage as I want with the knife

and with wristblades too

Massdebating again!?? Everytime a stranger walks into this forum babbling about some thign that happened to him on the way to objectives. Go FUCK off!

HoW eMbArRaSsInG

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Phrasing, Mass. I’ll give you $5 if you shout “I’m Massdebating again” in a public space amd record the reactions.


Its not me! Its dem! mass debating sucks when they get it in our hair like this!



im at lvl 290 or some shit. isn’t 300 the tops?

Tops of what? I would say the tops are at 600+

this game you twit!

you can literally reach level 70 in one day


999 😉

I confirm that you can upgrade the level in a day)

i feel like becoming a hacker to counter that shit

also the parrying is so cringe

i dont mind getting shredded by an overpowered weapon, but by a knife, taking tons of my health with a small knife, knifes can be too powerfull in this game

sometimes i killed 3/4 of the team, and i go towards a last soldier who is very skilled parrying & knifing, and sometimes the last soldier almost killed me by parrying-knife

cringe knifes

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Do like potatoes do. Use plasma 1v1. Just shoot the ground. Splash damage will do the work. No skills needed.

Help, i had a dream that i played this game last night

I remember when I was in bed with a cold and thinking about PHG made my headache and nausea worse.