A response to the devs Stroking all the DLC

This was just a bad bad look. I’ve been patiently waiting, not complaining. Just waiting for the anniversary DLC drop. Then I come on here and see the devs are actually trying to say they’ve done a great job with the DLC this past year? A map everyone hates, and not for the sake of being haters. Do you play your own game? By design it’s a terrible idea to make a map where a cave system is a large portion of the gameplay. You’d have known this if you’d ever played your game at a somewhat high level. A mode that runs so poorly that I can’t even convince my friends to play this game anymore cause when they bought it(I foolishly convinced them) they played that mode and were instantly mad at me for telling them this game was good…Hard point mode in this game runs so poorly it’s borderline unplayable. Arnold 2 times… The weirdest decision to suddenly make predators who want to pretend they are human warriors(K?) and you literally sold 2 Vikings one just has balls and one doesn’t. And a slew of weapons that are useless because this game has a single viable tactic at high levels. (Range, with down range. Go figure)

Other games idea of guest characters are spawn in mortal Kombat or nemisis in soul caliber or some shit. Like bad ass stuff. You put Marshawn Lynch in the game… I tell this to literally anyone who will listen cause I find it so funny and I’ve yet to have anyone believe me. THEY LOOK IT UP TO MAKE SURE IM NOT BULLSHITTING THEM! that’s how RIDICULOUS this addition was and it’s always met by absurd laughter. Keep in mind I’m 23. I was in high school when beast mode was at his prime hype and I loved watching him. Ya know what I never wanted? To hunt a predator with him cause uh wtf? AND that’s not even taking into account how non inclusive this dlc is. Anyone who’s not American saw this dlc and was like uhhh who is that…

I give credit where it’s do. Arnold was great(87 should have just been a skin and we should NOT have had to buy him 2 times) City hunter was great, and Elder was great. Even little things like the wrist launcher. Sure it wasn’t META changing or nothing, but just some new utility that offered some new options. But we tell you over and over and over and over and over to stop released melee weapons with awful tracking. And you keep doing it. You released the OWLF agent who can crouch and hide his thermal…except he can’t cause the predators thermal still pings him with the red hex just like everyone else. It’s literally like you don’t test anything you make, or even play your own game to THINK you may need to check for these things.

After all this awful content. Some people are STILL very much in your corner. and there’s people like me who don’t expect much anymore but still wait patiently and are willing to continue to give the game more chances to turn around. Then we have to see you celebrating your terrible output of content. It’s baffling you’d think that’s even slightly ok to do.

And I saw @OldKingHamlet say “the game is fun dammit” in response to someone saying the game has a lot of issues. And wow. What a great and professional way to answer our concerns. And again, you must be playing at a SUPER low level. Because at the higher levels. The game is indeed not fun. At low levels sure you can set traps bait people with decoys, drop in for melee, roar at them. Have a good time. But at the highest levels. Well well well. Predator ? 0 different play styles from class to class. If you wanna win, you will leap around and spam range with down range equipped. FT? You will run the busted specializations and rush the mission in 3 minutes and leave. Wow what a fun interactive experience.

In summary, if you accidentally don’t make all the right choices, that’s ok. Some people will leave and they have the right to do so. Some people will blindly follow you anyways cause of there love of the IP. Some will stick around to see if you ever get it together. But definitely don’t stoke yourself about your mistakes because that’s just nonsense


Players: we need new maps, modes, and new ways to engage the FT.

Illfonic: hahaha football rulezz



I would like to add on to this as i know that you guys are in charge for like maiiling the feedback to the devs cause idk why you guys do that as its the most pathethic shit i ever seen from devs treating their mods and community manager, i just actually beg of you guys to actually like shake up a little and send the message from like majority of people who said this fact that the game has been going in wrong direction after they stopped adding cool stuff like dutch or elder pred.

Like uhh idk where to begin, i guess i will begin where @DisturbedLlama ended cause like he mentioned that you guys think that this game is fun overall… well no this game overall is very repetitive and bad, not in your usual way of bad… more like it lacks that true fan passion and its like only one person made this game in all honesty cause it very much so does perform like one.

I’ve seen many games like this such as The Isle and Squad where these games are like in early access and stuff and yet they perform better than predator? And the devs are actually constantly in loop what fans want and what they dislike about the current game.

So like let me just point out how bad of the state this game has reached, and i warned people about this… this game is one step away from plugging out the life support out IF devs decide to make pay 2 win little cosmetic items that is and sell crates.

But yes the game has like 20% of fan content that people truly like and asked for and looked to get from the game since they first bought it… that includes me being one of them but i never thought you guys will just force your mods to do your job and cherry pick the feedback and ideas.

Considering its a small group of devs then it makes sense they get their asses on the forums and read the forums and the state the game is in… and maybe just maybe they will see all the golden feedback people have done in past year and wasnt been seen by mods cause this isnt a job for a mod its a dev fucking job mann…

Ok so 70% of the content in game is wrong, almost nobody in right mind would add stuff for fireteam like that considering how bad the cloak conseals you and HOW SMALL THE MAP IS FOR GODS SAKE you do realize that the maps and objectives are so small that this equipment can either be useless or OP… thats not a smart move, rather you should have fixed cloak and made it more useful btw around 500 people voted for the cloak that its useless trash thing back year ago so this feedback still is valid as you guys only changed radius to it so then after cloak and other shit is fixed then re-design current maps and make them extended aka bigger and make stuff like mud and water slow you down drastically. Make objectives longer and slower to do than they are now… as in that it takes like actual teamwork instead of one guy running the whole thing.

Idk i just want from you @OldKingHamlet and @Courier to stand up for once in life and change the outcome of this game, its not hard and yes it may get you guys fired but in all honesty those who want to get you fired are the people why the game is in shit state rn as they only see profit and not a master piece that makes its own cash from how the gameplay feels…

Why not pursuit the devs to make this game into a master piece that generates its own money of how clean and fun the gameplay looks and is… rather than making money only from dlcs.

Thats my perception on the things and how devs are supposed to be.

Oh and i made sure u guys wont get fired unless they just dont care about the valid data you guys bring them, i made sure that this will highly unlikely not gonna happen cause the fault is all on devs here.


That was a lot to read but I gotta say I agree with you on most of the things you said. I still can’t believe they added a football guy to the game and I still can’t believe they haven’t fixed all of the tracking on the melee weapons for predator or even released the predators we want to see. The Viking and Valkyrie predator were cool, but could’ve easily been put into one character with the option to gender swap them. I really wanna see more of the predators from the movie such as avp, avpr and predators. And a new non jungle map would be appreciated as well.

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I hate the word professional and I hate devs that are doormats so this is fine.

They’re community managers not lead programmers lol. “Guys 10 people on the forum said we need to stop what we have lined up and do this instead.” “Get football guy out of the recording booth right now or you’re fired.”

Chances are they just suggest things and if they’re outvoted then they’re outvoted.

The Isle devs do what they want and the head of the project is the most unprofessional guy you can imagine if hamlet made you sad.
Isle’s PR has improved with blogs/stress tests and keeping the discord in line as the game gets bigger but they are 100% making the game in their own vision for themselves which isnt uncommon for small studios at all. That game has gone through recodes, engine upgrades, progression systems etc and it wasn’t because the community asked for it. Its because the tiny circle of a dev team wanted it and they have a grand total of 3 programmers atm.

In general with small projects though Community features tend to come last or when its convenient and thats the reality of the situation. Like adding multiplayer in The Forest AFTER the devs finished up their original gameplan.
We don’t know where PHG’s at because they can’t disclose upcoming content aside from the roadmap. Doesn’t make sense going into a game expecting it to turn into a different game. Bonus points if it happens though.
We know hamlet gave input on pred specializations from the list here.
Good balance patch IMO.

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Well being professional is definitely important… and also professional or not what he said was definitely dumb lol

One thing is certain. Whoever made that comment about the DLC really struck a nerve.

Usually, all they do is post memes and advertisements on their social media accounts.

I don’t think they care about the people who plays at “high levels” as you mentioned. They seem to be focusing on the casual gamers which I can totally understand since they only care about money.

They are always delivering skins, skins, weapons skins, and then skins again, skins, want some skins ? Don’t forget those awesome new skins.
Literally what we see in Fortnite.

Pretty sure devs that know their audience tend to disagree with this notion

lol same for DBD devs responding to people asking for different modes. Bluntness is a virtue. You drop into a stream and theyre like GITGUDGITGUDGITGUD

? Wat ?

No one likes when DBD devs say dumb shit either. They constantly get shit on for it. Anyone who’s a mature consumer and not literally 12 appreciates professionalism. Didint think that would even need to be said

Also the more I read it the more my Brain hurts. Being blunt has nothing to do with not being professional. You can very well do both at the same exact time. Like what are you even on about here


DBD devs saying dumb shit is the sole appeal of the game xd.
Tends to be the people that think they have some revolutionary development input that are 12.

This is you just saying things. That’s not how that’s works bro haha I can’t just go dude everyone loves that we paid for Arnold twice and then it sticks. Go watch the COUNTLESS montages of the Devs getting shit on for the dumb shit they say. I’ve played for YEARS and am rank 1 you picked the wrong person to try and talk about DBD with 😂 honestly dbd devs get MORE hate than illfonic and it’s probably way less deserving too sure they say dumb shit but atleast the content is good. 100% the DBD devs get shit on for lack of professionalism ALL the time

And yeah bet indeed? Like how does being professional mean you can’t be blunt? Where is your logic here

Its a cosmetic. Same for people complaining about the year 1 bundle warpaints and mask early access.

Ex-rank 1 not that DBD ranked is an achievement anyways. I was there for the infinite loops and god awful map design. PHG’s the better game honestly.

Hurt fee fees because everyone has an opinion and don’t like being told somethings got a 99.9% chance of not happening.
IE that one social media post that said 2v6 was unbalanced asf and there was an entire tantrum about it or their comment on jungle maps. Or something minor like hamlet saying the games fun and they put out content, he is now hitler.
There’s 0 point in them saying much of anything and thats why they have a single community manager. Forums historically are entitled asf and largely just a place for collective bitching. Case and point this thread and people that will never stop complaining if we dont get a 3v12 not that it was ever a guarantee ever at any point. I don’t expect a multiple killer mode out of DBD either even though people have been bitching about it since day 1 regardless of whether or not its feasible.

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@Finessology @DisturbedLlama

Will you two stop waving yalls dicks around!

Yes its shitty that the devs made a year bundle that includes everything we already paid for and we still have to wait for masks!

Yes its okay if players bought it last time I checked you not my DAD!!!

Also thie cant just be the devs doing this has to be Sony’s doing. Illfonic is not this money hungry company. They probably have a deal with sony for some crazy amount of money they cant afford to pay back so they have to beg for donations from us so that they dont get sued into oblivion bu sony!


Unfortunately I dont think a non jungle or a non forest map would happen. A city would just not work with current mechanics of the game.

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Pretty much. Complain about devs not talking to us and then quote them and bitch about their statements being unprofessional when they make the mistake of engaging with the community.
Vicious cycle.

Hamlets been more active on the forums recently so props to him tolerating this negative feedback loop. People act like he’s the head director of illfonic, shoot the messenger.

Hunting grounds is a FAR inferior game lol. Infinites don’t exist anymore. The game has been changed a a ton. Also my example of Arnold was me saying I can’t just say something then make it a fact doofus I need proof lol