Ability to mix and match predator accessories


Maybe even add some stats to the different armor plates where light armor doesn’t have as much bullet resistance but allows predator to move faster and more bullet resistant armor will slightly effect movement speed. This would make the customization and stats more in depth. But allow full mix and match options like footwear, shin guards, full shoulder armor, half shoulder armor, differing stats from metal, leather, and wood armor.


They’re not adding anything. It’s over

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Is that legit or just a pessimistic opinion? I would think they would eventually since the movie comes out next week and will bring attention to anything predator

Given the last several patch notes, I’d say it’s pretty legit

“That’s like ripping off my dick and shoving it up my ass” in the words of harrigan

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I love the idea and I posted something similar to this but their not going to add this.

Well lets hope they’ve taken all the criticism to heart and they come back and blindside us with some type of significant patch whether a map, mode, new gear, predator weapons, a new class for ft or pred, etc. Any combination of those would be fine with me


Now even a new weapon would make me happy.

I like your ideas, but I think @Weevo540 is right. Unfortunately, Illfonic just never took any good ideas from the community, and the last few updates were not great whether bugs fixes, balance changes, or content. There are still data mines masks that never released, although they were nearly complete. 😔

Yea thas a big let down since this is the only new predator game out rn. The classics are fine, but i think ive mentioned it here sometime that back when those were it I wanted them to make a game that was like the first movie and despite its short comings i have a guilty pleasure about it now that we do have one lol so you guys are prolly right, but im hopelessly wanting them to turn it around eventually

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