About a new mode

Ideally, I’d like to have a 2v8 mode where the fireteam members each start alone at a random part of the map, with other team-mates only visible on your map once they enter your field of view. Same goes for predators.
This way, it gives predators an opportunity to use melee to take out any FT who haven’t met up yet and hopefully reduce the chances of each match turning into a massive death pit of 8 FT all sticking together, leaving predators with no other option than to spam ranged weapons.

And to encourage FT players who died early to stick around, maybe give them the option to play as hellhounds or predator drones. Or even to take control of Stargazer forces. I don’t really care what, just something to make it worth their while to stick around and see the game through?

Any thoughts?


We have all been praying to our voodoo magic dolla for this.

Shit just yesterday sacrificed 13 virgins to the video game Gods


A. Gives stacks a really huge advantage

B. Melee is literally just worse range. Seperating FT isn’t going to do anything about that

Plus it’s still awful balance

C. We really don’t need to keep players in matches once they died it’s unnecessary

I don’t really understand point A, sorry. What do you mean by stacks?

As for B: sure, you can still use range. But it at least allows pred players an option to use melee if they want to.

As for C: I guess that’s just a matter of opinion. I just feel like it’d help to spice things up a little and help to create some unknown factors in a match.

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A. Players grouping together

B. Sure they can use melee

But I can also shoot myself in the foot

Better off buffing melee

C. Does it really? You play as a worse FT. Drones might be interesting but even then just make it a gadget.

Well, the power of a group is always there. That’s why starting at random points on the map would help to get rid of it - at least for a while. So I don’t really see what kind of point you’re trying to make.

As for the rest: I dunno man, I feel like you’d just piss all over any suggestion at this point to be honest.
The game mechanics are already in place, so there’s not much to be done in that department. If I had my way I’d just get rid of parry. The whole concept of somebody parrying an axe with a tiny knife is stupid in and of itself, let alone the massive amount of stun time it gives. That would improve melee more than a damage buff in my eyes.

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But here’s the problem

If you do that you have to balance around the fact that FT is seperated

And stacks are going to be able to communicate and regroup faster than randoms

This adds to the skill distance that groups have when you really want to minimize that so balance can more effectively be translated from one to the other

The problem with you melee argument is that it’s just not true

Granted it’s not a knock against the idea, but it’s still not true

And the after death feature would be better replaced with allowing players to leave early rather than dragging them on

Ahhh. When you say ‘stacks’, you mean people with mics talking together using another program instead of in-game? Is that right? In that case, yeah I agree. But there’s really nothing that could be done about that (at least as far as I’m aware).

You mean my argument against parrying? Or the one for giving preds an option to use it on stragglers?
Obviously they can use range for the whole match if they wanted, but IF somebody wanted to use melee, it’s easier to fight one person than it is 2 or more. I don’t really see how that’s contentious.

As for the after death options: I mean, people can and will quit whenever they want. I was just offering some alternatives those that want to stick around so they aren’t just watching other people play (but that’s obviously an option too if they wanted to).

Don’t use mechanics that rely on friendly teams not knowing info they can just give each other


They can use melee now and win

So it’s still the exact same scenario

Ya but then there’s the handicap of players leaving

If the after death FT option benefits the FT you have to balance around that

But if they leave then your losing out

It’d just devolve into a death pit of FT, meaning range-only for preds. Which to be fair, is what happens now if you’re playing against people in Hunt who’re doing that.


Yeah, that’s a valid point. But unfortunately that’s just how it is even now in Hunt when people quit after they’ve died once and can’t be bothered to wait for reinforcements. My only suggestion would be to have them controlled by a.i - and obviously not be as effective. That said, early quitters are the small minority from my experience - actually, same goes for people communicating outside of the game. But i only play with randoms.


The base game needs a rework

You’ll still get even more quitters wince they’re playing a nerfed down FT who reasonably is going to be more boring for a lot of players which will add to the leaving

Especially if you add the ability to keep your VT and EXP if your out of reinforcements and are dead

Very possible. But I think if each side in a large mode started together it’d be even worse and I’d be bored after 2 minutes of plasma spam from miles away. So maybe it’s actually a blessing that we haven’t received a mode that’s been asked for my most.

TBH as is anything they add is going to be trash

Probably why everything suggested can easily be critisized

You can’t do anything with the game

I know it’s popular to bash this game but I’ve had - and still have - a lot of fun with it. I’ve certainly got my money’s worth out of it in total playtime. Which is a lot more than other, more praised games.

That said, it does have its faults, there’s no denying that.

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get downed
alt + f4 because it goes on longer than 3 minutes

game design.

yep no games ever forced people to spectate and actually kept them in a match successfully.

Add a battlepass that only rewards upon match completion instead of handing out the shaders, masks, and warpaints for free every month. Solved. Just a UI change and the BP works off XP earned.

people demanding refunds after 200+ hours playtime is a joke I hope

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You must be new.

They’re clearly phoning it in given these last few “updates” being totally devoid of content. I doubt anything is coming after this year. They made their money. Game is still devoid of any real variety and riddled with bugs a year and a half later. It’s over.

they’re putting game mode on the ps blog again
you know what that means

we’re going to get Clash 2: Electric Bungaloo but its capture the flag

What’s your point?