il post below if i find any

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All a thread about this. Plz stop making re makes of old threads

124 crates? No sorry you won’t get any. Maybe u are really lucky but I don’t think so. Good luck

its not old thread i just took a pic of my field lockers and il post soon if i found anything

240 actually
bought more

Here is the thread for Mythic hunting…

240? pffft. I do 200 a day usually… ;-)

wish i had such time to spare

300 boxes

1 mythic (shity knife)
3 exotics (Red ones )

I’ve played since April and have never gotten a mythic once in the field lockers the duplicate rate sucks my sweaty balls

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I just want a way to earn them so I can ignore the boxes and get on with it.


3 Exotics is very low… would have expected at least 4x that…

Can’t even remember when I opened my last lootbox.