Mythic trophy hunters

In this thread we search for:
Mythic weapons
Mythic and exotic knives
And skulls

There are many secrets to be found in field lockers and we need to find them!

Everyone who gets a rare item please post it on this thread!

Here are the mythic trophy weapons for the preddy:
Viking axe
Ottoman Dagger
Flintlock pistol
Samurai sword
Spartan spear
Western revolver.

Here are body parts:
Wolf skull
Coyote skull
Bobcat skull
Human skull
Human spine.

Good luck hunting!


How we can fing them?

Wait, there are different weapons for predator?

I think they are skins for the existing weapons.
Like Spartan Spear = Combistick
Viking axe = War Club.

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Oh yeah I need to tell you how to get them,
Open a lot of field lockers!
They are trophy’s, like the skulls
Collected by the yautja over many millennia!20200427_132736


Vale osea que tengo que comprar las cajas de bonificación para que me pueda tocar o no depende de la suerte que tengas me parece un poco tonto me hubiera parecido más justo que se encontrasen escondidos por el mapa y tú como depredador encontrarlos.

Well that’s how illfonic decided to do it.

so they are worn on the predator? man i hope the include more like elder predator armor sets and shit


What do people think about micro transactions?
Also try and share this thread with people who play the game, we need to find these rare items!

Micro transactions wouldn’t be that bad because it’s already easy to get field lockers. It’s not like the only way to get stuff it with paying. I would just like to see people do 50 field locker openings!!!

Also we need duplicate protection…

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if you want to easily take out preddy use this.
Yautjas bane
OWLF trained

Get rare items by playing the game ,not by wipping your wallet out, “Hunter”


I just got a mythic knife for my FT soldiers and the Viking ace trophy

No fuck that. Microtransactions do NOT belong in this game!


Did you listen? micro transactions would be a optional thing, they don’t have to change anything. It’s usually kids would buy micro transactions, but this is not a kid game. There not gonna be making millions if they add it in. It’s just there for the people who don’t have the time to spend 6 hours grinding.

Really!!?? Bruhhhhh I have better things in my life than sit around and grind for veritanium. And “Hunter” is for people who do grind and manage to get the mythics, not me, I have better things to do. I created this to see how lucky people can get and show other people the dope stuff they can get. And who uses there wallet to buy things online, you use your paypal/bank/othershit accounts.

I would love to see them!!!

human skull and spine nice!

I think I see why your name is greenwarrior but we don’t like microtransactions around here ;P

I ain’t likely to get em rngesus despises my existence