about the future of this game

First I am very happy about the work and I am grateful for the effort and listening to the ILLFONIC studio on waiting for new maps and new modes.

Now for the new maps I really hoped for a new set offering another gameplay preda or ft (in a postocaliptic city, in Antarctica, a desert, Predator planet, night mode…)

The new game mode has nothing to do with the Predator universe and has no interest.
It’s a first gesture but for me the main thing is to find the spirit of the predator universe, stress, the tension, hunting and not just a game of shooting without interest.

I hope in the future to see new content with other maps and modes that will respect the fans of this franchise


Don’t hold your breath. Lol


At all of new DLC ^^

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Us huge fans of the series have been let down. But like you said, atleast grateful we have the game


They need to make a predator game like ac origins like with better stealth and in a giant city. Concrete jungle was fun af for its time.but I want an open world pred game… this game is fun but ruined with bugs glitches cheats and poor optimization ect, ect…

Hopefully these devs get on board woth their community and figure something out. Shame all this time waiti.g for a pred game and of course fell short.
Want nothing but greatness for this game and future pred/avp games

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only fans stay to propose better solutions

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These days, every successful next gen game or current gen game depends on whether there is something being developed that no-one else has. When they rehash common elements (Naughty Dog) they get alot of beef for something else namely something political just to get attention.
What will illfonic do to compete? Do they need to? What is the climate during next-gen changes? Will they need to produce something over the top? somekind of cutting edge AI or visual splendor/? All the effort placed into this game looks as though they are being serious about quality models and realtime lighting and effects. as well as character customization.

Yep, For me I repeat, a good game is not only defined by its graphics or the ia but by the atmosphere of the proposed universe

Maps and map variations should never be an DLC…

We paid for it mate, I don’t see what there is to be grateful for with the first 6 months it has had

I’m being positive here dude. Trust me I know it sucks

I know mate, I’ve stayed as positive for as long as I could with these developers, it’s not the games it’s illfonic. If I owned a car dealership and I sold someone a brand new car that ran like a heap of shit from when I sold them it, the last thing that would be expected after 6 months of trouble would be their appreciation. Clash mode was like offering a fuzzy set of dice in place of some actual resolve to alot of issues,meanwhile for a small price they can buy monthly add ons that are equivalent to a different coloured steering wheel for something thats pointless if nothing runs right


Trust me I agree haha I’m saying atleast there’s a Predator game. So I thank them for that. But it’s definitely bad and clash is DEFINITELY shite


You guys want a box of tissues?

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Lol we know we know you think it’s a master piece. And to that opinion you are entitled and I won’t try and change your mind

I think Friday is a master piece… half finished but still, it contained the spirit of the property.
Predator has quite a bit of work to do to get to the same place. It’s a hard property to get right, it’s much narrower and has just as many fan factions as Jason to potential anger or annoy.

It does have the chance to be the best Predator game we’ve ever gotten. It needs optimization and a much larger palette ie. maps (types), missions (that start to tell a story about the Predators), and new Prey.
I do think if they can keep at it, by year 3 it will be the best Predator game.


Yeah the whole by year 3 thing is what kills this for me. That’s absurd that it would take this long. Let’s all stop pretending we don’t know what this game needs. More maps, more weapons and classes for FT, and more customization for your play style as predator. 2 weapons is not enough. And the stealth is not strong enough to encourage any play style besides blast from the trees or hit and run melee. So the game just gets old so quick. As for the feel, it’s great, and by that I mean capturing the feeling of a predator film. Atleast at launch. The music was good, now I realize not great after seeing what ghost recon did with it(the music was better in ghost recon) but you definitely got the vibe of a predator film. Until we realized how much of a joke the predator was


Add this guy


It’s gonna take time but probably not 3 years for us to get a mode that satisfies the Predator itch. Unfortunately it will likely be vs. another Pred or an NPC boss of some kind.

It’s the type of game this is. That part sucks but in the long run it can be worth it.

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The predator feel is gone for me. When i saw tracers on arrows. That hit like wet noodles i was like /this shit dumb as fuck/