About the Plasma Rifle...

So, I’m guessing it’s considered an explosive, but I’m trying to see how to get the most out of it.

Considering its also classed as an assault rifle, is it better to use the Deadly or Unleaahed character perk for it?

Use it for when the pred is on the branches as it goes right through them otherwise use it against the pred only if you have no ammo on your other weapons since it does shit damage regardless of the perks or class.

The gun overall is a great AI killer, great for clearing out the brush, and hitting the pred through branches.


Think its k in Clash dont quote me on that

Deadly. I don’t think unleashed affects it, and neither does assault’s passive damage increase.


That’s unfortunate. It could use a buff in that case. I tested it in private by maxing the explosive range modifier and no change. Meaning it’s gotta be classed the same as the plasma caster because that’s not affected either but does aoe damage as well. Why are these weapons such a novelty?

So thus far, deadly it is, there’s a little increase in damage and predators seem a little unhappy getting shot by it lol still a novelty, good for intimidation. Needs a buff.

Unleashed doesn’t work with the Rlasma Rifle

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Wahhhh? That’s sooo lame. Well, now I gotta change my Specialization :3

Right what a waste lol

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Would you happen to know if OverWatch does more damage than unleashed if you use the rocket launcher?

Didn’t buy Dante, dunno.

I put it on Dutch 2025 an the rocket is free now :3

I find the rocket launcher as well as the plasma weapons useless. You have better options. It looks good but that’s about it.

Overwatch is 15% increased damage
Unleashed is 30% increased damage

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dont underestimate the rocket launcher. xD

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If the predator decides to stand still and take a selfie… :)

ThIs wEaPoN iS dEsIgNeD tO dEaL wItH pReDaToRs.

Continues to be the worst weapon against it, cool.

really if he just climbs a tree ever

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Thank you!

No problem. Here are some links if you have any more questions. It should be mostly up to date. There haven’t been many changes to perks or specializations for a while.

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