Add damage to EMP mine

Everyone wants to be able to trap boars, and the predator in general…

There’s a mine, but it only knocks out preds energy.

Keep the EMP, add a good 500 explosive damage, lower the supply, and increase the perk cost.

All in favor say aye

All opposed go fuck yourself.

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goes to fuck myself


240 damage. 500 is far too high.


I figure a half bar of health is fair. 250 at the very least. Bigbois got around 1500 too right?

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Yes. But Scout only has 1000. I suppose somewhere in the range of 250 to 334, but 2 mines for instant death seems a bit much.

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As long as a significant portion of damage is added I’m happy. Otherwise let’s be honest, no one, absolutely no one is using EMP mines. Theyve gone the route of noise makers which only new players use because it’s all they have access to.

I’m definitely in favor of damage. Right now, they’re mostly a meme.

Honestly, noise makers are more useful.

Only if pred gets turrets that have 30k hp and are auto.
This is a fucking stupid idea lol.
And you know it.

Damn. How are you so sure?

Also, Predator turrets?

Dude think of it, turrets that do poison damage. Weaponized autism.


Oh, hell.

It aint stupid, wtf is an EMP mine useful for? You wanna do damage and you know it, who’s side are you on?

This is the best thread in Feedback.

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Fuck it why not, also make it so it instakills you or your teammates if they get too close, this way if the pred never touches the bomb you can go out in a blaze of glory.

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On the side that diesnt wanna baby the ft anymore lmao.

It is pretty stupid tho, I cant lie about that.
Mainly because the way the balance.
Change up the game tho, give both sides more cool shit, then ya I’m down.

But as it is now?
Would only be fair if it crashed @REYNOSO_FUA11 game every time it blew up.


The pie chart speaks for itself, sir.

No it can’t kill them it makes their screen fuzzy only.t

It’s not stupid how are you gonna add traps to the game you fool? You want traps, all the kids want the traps. Ya just gotta believe.

I shouldnt have to explain how it’s a stupid idea.
500 dam?
Ft already has enough of an advantage.

Rework the game where both sides get more effective tools and balance is better, then a land mine would be a no brainier.

But current game?
No way maaaaan.

I would rewrite one of my old ideas, but since ilfonic ignores feedback, I dont wanna waste my time coming up with good ideas.

That goes for all of us honestly.
How much cool shit got ignored?

Seriously though, nothing personal, it would just be completely broken current balance.
That’s all .

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Kaka suggestion. So stacking mines would be the new meta because you will one-shot the Pred, then you can pick up new ones from crates.