Why in the world this weapons has no extended magazine like all other rifle? It makes it less effective and viable because it has a obv handicap. Pls add extended magazine, the weapon is cool, the sound is cool, but without any attachments it will always be a garbage weapon. @OldKingHamlet


My guess is for immersion, but its basically a hammerhead.

It has more mobility but less range. If you run with it you have the same speed of the knife. But no attachments is bad decisions , since all the weapons have their strong and weak points, you dont need to remove attachments.

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I really do dislike the hidden stats they have for everything I wish they were more transparent about stats for weapons and classes.

But yeah it needs attachments.

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It gets a silencer, that’s it. Extended mag would make it OP, with Bane and Hip-fire damage buff it’s deadly to a Predator and can Second Wind with 3 bullets to spare.
The didn’t have picchany rails on the guns back then, so I guess the lack of scopes is realistic and accurate

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The damage is the same of hammerhead , so why op with extended mags? If anything it has less range damage

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Mercenary is King and don’t need no stinkin extended mag

It was made for Dutch '87

There are plenty of other nerf guns to choose from

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Mercenary is a rifle like all the others, he deserve his extended magazine .

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They already said what you see is what you get, and the 30 clip is more then enough to second wind a predator

Yeah like @VENN7eance said. I can understand the lack of scopes. But the lack of extended mag? Thats some dumb shit.

As for balance, as far as im concerned you can do the same shit with any other assault rifle and have it be nearly, if not exactly as powerful (especially the hammerhead because the difference between them is smaller than the tip of a needle)




I heard it from someone else who said that they saw it somewhere , I digress I like the gun the way it is nice and simple

They’ve had rail systems on guns since the early 90’s late 80’s they just weren’t available to the public because they were still in experimental stages. Like before the M4 became the main rifle of our military in the 90’s-80’s era it was called an XM-177.

True but would scopes of our era be compatible with said rails? Likely not. Meaning that they would have to create all new scopes to have it make sense, which would not be worthwhile. especially since that m16 rail sight is so crisp.

I hated the hammerhead sights when it came out. But this one? Perfection.

Now if we can get an AK with wooden stock and shroud… And bayonet!

Call it the guerilla


I would love a classic AK. Ive never been too fond of non wooden AK models.

AK with a bayonet?!


Definitely needs to be wood… wouldn’t mind a Chicago Typewriter with wood stock and fore grip too.

That one needs the drum mag!

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I believe with your help we can get the classic AK

Just shout it from the heavens!!

Don’t forget the part about the bayonet though

God I hate the extended mag on the current ak. Its gross. Drum is so much better in so many ways…

I’d prefer taped up double mags myself but…