Add: Scarface Predator from 2005 Predator: Concrete Jungle

Hey I had an idea, that would be a huge credit to the fans of the predator franchise is if y’all could possibly add Scarface from Predator: concrete jungle that came out on ps2 back in 2005. He would be a perfect specimen for Predator: Hunting Grounds!! I feel he alone would bring a lot of players back to the game! If I’m wrong, I’m wrong but I have a deep love for this game and I would bet my money on it that I’m right, hopefully others can agree with this and we can live to see it happen, For his glory to make a comeback after all this time. it’s been to long since Scarface has had some love and appreciation, we need an older, stronger, wiser veteran elder predator to join the hunt!


Hey uh

The devs don’t care

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Scarface predator needs cocaine all over his face and an M16 “say hello to my little friend”


I mean if that was the case why would they waste time messaging me back personally, I just think most of you barely give them the chance to do anything, they have done so much for the fans as it is, great things take time.


They don’t care bro look at previous topics

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Btw the private message is automated they didn’t actually send it so don’t think ur special or anything

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Did I say I was special, No I simply stated if they didn’t care they wouldn’t bother wasting that time sending one cause believe me I’ve messaged them before and nothing sometimes you just get lucky, this world just isn’t satisfied enough that we have a Predator game, we’re lucky we have one at all as fans.


Awww stop being serious

Go make memes

Lol I already had a Hemorrhagic stroke from being to serious, you got any more toxicity that I can shut down mr? Or you just gonna continue to banter and whine? At least one of us isn’t toxic.


Toxic is my middle name

Whining is my second middle name

Your cute though to think I waste time making memes, I only waste time shutting down people like you

You think you can stop me and my memes

Well your wrong there dude

Obviously lol your name says it all buddy 😂

I think that your getting a little upset and trying to come back with something because I never said I was stopping you from anything 😂 you did

I think your dumb

For thinking you can stop memery

Lmao another snowflake thinking a post is all about them and likes to start drama because they have no life other than trying to make others miserable, you sound like your in high school still, hopefully you learn something other than thinking someone is attacking at you when in reality your saying this stuff about yourself and trying to blame another because you can’t own up to yourself? Huh?

I’m done with you

Goodbye noob

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They don’t care
They barely look at the forum and this topic has been asked multiple times and nothing


See I appreciate how you came about that, thank you