Aim Assist

At some point you guys really need to do something about that aim assist on consoles. This guy was alive the entire game(or almost the entire game, 2 people died at the end, the last one very closed to when I used reinforcements, don’t remember the second guy who died), the predator was one of those that do bunny hopping constantly and this is the issue, its very hard to track with a controller a fast, leaping target. He could not land 1 single shot on him. I have no clue how hard it would be to implement it and I am not saying this guy was a stellar player but seriously…
The 3 of them engaged most of the game by themselves the pred as I was mostly running ahead and finishing missions.

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Any pred main will tell you sporadic movement is your key to not getting melted. Don’t like it? Don’t chase. Do objective. Y’know how many times I’ve been creamed by seasoned FT players even while I’m moving around like a bat out of hell? Just ask @TTV_onskie247365 or @Scarface_1983. They push my shit in with the SAWZ, and Scarface just recently took my mask for being briefly idle to charge a caster shot.

Yes, it’s fun to hunt, but there are some Predators that you DO NOT want to hunt. Even the PC guys know that.


Yes, that is all nice and well but this is not what this topic is about. PC players have a mechanical, obvious advantage with the mouse. I am not complaining that MK can’t hit the predator, if you look at the scoreboard we did damage to him, problem is the guy with a controller was not able to land 1 single shot on him. That is why I am saying PS guys need something better as AS to help them out, to even the odds a bit between PC and PS.

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Ooooh, ok, I misunderstood…

I mean… Idk. I’ve been noticing my precision fire (bow and sniper shots) have been barely missing but suspiciously making hit detection sounds and doing no damage. Latency perhaps? Aim Assist might help with that, or it could be poor hit detection in the first place causing both of our issues.

Yeah I don’t like the way he makes his point but I agree with it. I think a level of aim assist would go a tremendous length. Some console players won’t benefit all that much but I think the majority would.

Also @Xan84 maybe move this to feedback.

What do you mean? Care to elaborate? Just so I can formulate it better in the future.

I don’t personally thinkthe bunny hop is exclusively difficult for controller users, done right and smart it gives everyone a tough time. Mechanically, yes controller players are slower countering it but aim assist doesn’t solve this. You also seem to be basing his gameplay ability on his survival. Honestly I think I’d probably have similar numbers because you find out pretty quickly the team mates you have in game. Pairing with 3 PC players, right off the bat if I’m comfortable if 2 prove they aren’t potato I probably would have had similar numbers because I would have spent the whole match clearing AI and pushing objectives. No point in me bothering with the pred when I’ve got 3 PC players punishing him any time he moves unless he comes right at me, especially if I’m playing support. You guys do the heavy lifting, I’ll just keep things tidy

Point is MK have a clear mechanical advantage that you can’t replicate with a controller. You can get better but if 2 equally skilled people are using, 1 a mouse and the other a controller, the guy with a mouse has a clear cut advantage.

Now moving into casual gameplay, a guy playing FPS with a mouse is going to do even better then a casual with a controller. It just comes far more natural.

Now I don’t know if aim assist fixes it, I just have a PS 4 for exclusives and I am pretty bad with aiming, thing is, they need a solution to help out, that is on them.

Now if that guy would’ve ignored the pred and focused on missions, that would be different but most of the game I was rushing and pushing objectives as they shoot at the predator. He did get a number of AI kills but the entire game not landing 1 single bullet on the pred speaks volume. If the predator does not do the leaping I’ve seen a number of console players do well but the moment the leaping starts…

Check my last game:

You could say they are bad but at a certain point we also need to look into how much MK provides an advantage and try to balance it a bit for the other guys just as well.

I’ve seen videos of predators running literal circles around PS FT and they could not turn fast enough and shoot him.

Again, no idea what the solution is but giving them something to better track the pred would help people a lot, more so casuals. Take for instante RDO that I play from time to time, aim assist its excelent and I’ve seen PC people using a controller just to get that aim assist because it takes more skill to shoot with the mouse.

Like I said, I agree with the point

Keyboard provides zero advantage over controller, in fact, it has been proven that the left stick on a controller is far better for movement than the WASD keys as it provides 360° movement instead of only 8 directions with keys, plus sensitivity levels.

For aiming it’s all in the mouse.

If they actually implement aim assist, im calling in fair play by devs also implementing

  • Bullet Projection (bullet takes time to travel)
  • Bullet Drop (bullet drops)
  • Bullet Velocity (bullet loses its damage value the further the target is)

all of those 3 will balance out the skill gap between pro’s and avg people… cause you actually need skill to master 3 of those things…

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The 3’rd thing its already in the game as for the other 2… Its probably really hard to implement. Also it would require rebalancing from top to bottom.

Its not as it supposed to be tho?

Sniper bullets lose no value, so don’t do the revolvers… neither do the most of low rpm rifles that deal high damage.

I mean its not really hard to implement laws of physics to weapons… they already have it already on the predator side lmao…

Why not have it on fireteam too… and on top of that i would like if they enabled friendly fire too

I don’t know about revolvers and I don’t really run snipers but snipers, realistically should not lose it given the distance.

Predators don’t shoot a stream of arrows or plasma “bullets”. I don’t know how that will effect performance if the game needs to calculate all that stuff (predator is also 1, not 4 + ai).

Friendly fire I am completely against it.

They should not against human beings and human tech…

But we are talking about predator tech and armor which the material is out of this world and cuts other materials like butter.

Well see people always go out and say… oh but preds were given bow and arrow from start and from start u have bullet drop so that means it should only stay for pred and not for fireteam… i mean what the hell is that man XD

Why? I mean cant you agree right now people are playing brain dead in a way that they abuse the fact their teammates will be fine if they drop grenade or use impact launcher on them XD if pred is attacking melee

The armor the pred has does not have relevancy over the distance a sniper can shoot. Then Predators are mostly naked, with only small parts covered in armor (well most of them). If you shoot a sniper directly in the predator’s head, even if the mask could take the impact, the head behind it can’t! That said weapons like the 7EN would go trough it for sure.

Now I am sure that if the devs would have ways to improve the gun play, they would do it. No reason to have advanced bullet mechanics but not use them. I am sure they are limited by them and in the end even if they would implement it, things would not change much. Aim assist on the other hand, is badly needed for console players (more so casuals).

I am against it since I don’t want smartasses going into games just o troll people. Imagine if that guy that keeps insults people around here and keeps getting banned could also kill his team. If this was only for premade teams of 4, yeah sure, randoms? No thx, don’t need the headache…

Exactly, a 50cal realistically speaking would only drop 3 to 4 inches at around 300 yards, that’s like aiming for the forehead and hitting the nose, still a head shot. Plus, the bullet would hit its target in approximately 0.2 seconds, almost instantly and without losing force.

Sniper rifles are fine just as they are.

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Ok but let me ask you this… is that really predators fault if you have people trolling… that is now not a game problem of any kind… its a human problem of society of people behaving like this… and that is why they made it possible to report people.

And idk how good their system is but i would assume if they add if enough people report the guy in match he would get kicked from it.

Simple as it is… and this is not a proper reason to not have friendly fire in game.

I can imagine it and i already experienced people just throwing nades at me and blocking the doors and shit, making noise n stuff for pred to find us…

But that is also not a good reason to not implement shit…

Devs wont do crap about advance gun play for fireteam, cause if they do and if they add aim assist that is another thing that will fuck up entire balance, u will see peeps running sniper rifles only cause that shit broken af, it lacks recoil, weight, bullet drop and bullet velocity.

Yeah would be nice for console players to have a bit of aim assist.