Aim Bot

And now this…

if PC users use auto aim it’s called an exploit.
For PS4 auto aim is built into the game…

I’m not sure whether you’re saying PS4 shouldn’t have auto aim.

However just in case you or anyone is saying this…

Aiming — and therefore killing — with a controller is stupidly inferior when going up against M&K (even where M&K doesn’t have auto aim).

Even with auto aim, controller is inferior against M&K.

PS4 needs a better controller experience + advanced controller settings if we are being asked go against M&K.

auto aim is also default on PS4 only titles…
Meaning there’s no way to learn to be better.

and if I used an aim bot (auto aim), on PC I would be banned.

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Auto-aim and aim-bot are two totally different things. Have you ever seen footage of aim-bot before?

Aim-bot = near 100% accurate on target shots ALL match

Auto-aim = player can still — and defiantly will — miss throughout the match.

That depends greatly on the auto aim settings, and obviously the settings in this game were previously high enough that a target standing behind the player caused the aim to try and draw towards them.

Auto aim is literally an in built aim bot.

Any PC aimbot hack also has settings that can be tweaked (depending on how obvious you choose to be).

Yeah but it hardly hits honestly

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I’m guessing you’re a PC player. If you have a controller…give it go. For a clearer experiment, try using bow for a whole match.

Then you’ll see why so many of us are asking for a better controller settings…it’s not exactly the best experience when going up against M&K; they are quick to fire back at you compared to PS4 + they seem to be more on target.

Trust me, the auto aim that’s in the game isn’t helping. I didn’t even know it existed until the patch notes lol.

Again, try using the bow with a controller.

I accept the challenge.
I will post a video no matter the outcome once I get into a match (it’s been loooong wait times since 1.10)
controller being used will obviously not be a ps4 controller (not pc compatible), it will be a steelseries stratus duo.

PS4 controller would be fairer for the experiment…they are compatible with PC, there’s vids on YouTube on how to connect it.

The wait times are long at the mo.

Also don’t feel like this is a challenge, I just thought you might test it out for yourself and see that no only is aiming not that easy (well Pred bow anyway), but auto aim never seems to pop up and drag your rectile over the target.

playing on PC with a controller I wont get auto aim anyway (it doesn’t apply to PC).
But I will play with controller without auto aim to test the theory.
I also do not have a PS4 and therefore do not have a PS4 controller handy. I have the controller I previously mentioned which is designed exactly the same as a PS4 controller (without the screen).


steelseries stratus duo:

Ok video is currently uploading. Will post a link once it’s finished (it’s 3.3 GB so might take a while (says one hour but that’s about a reliable as donald trump)).

Ok nice one

I did notice something weird with the controller. Don’t know if it’s a 1.10 addition or if it’s pure controller based. But I could jump (not leap), straight to branches from the ground without climbing.
There’s two or three examples in the video. Blew my fucking mind.

And I don’t mean jump from a ledge, I mean just look up and jump straight to them.

I haven’t used Predkor for ages but I remember that if there’s an X on a branch you can just press it and Pred will leap onto it from the ground.

there’s no X or squares in my vid. Keyboard and mouse are still attached to the computer so it shows the same interact icons as though I was using them. But this is the first time I’ve seen this. Some of these jumps are as far as a leap should be.

Anyway half hour or so and you can watch for yourself.

That second controller looks ugly!
Off topic but it looks like the shape of the ps5 controller, which looks like shit.

Idk I hate aim assist.
It only ever throws me off.

I don’t have to deal with aim assist as it doesn’t apply on PC except for pred melee and ever since they introduced it it fucks up melee hard core.
There should be an option to disable it (as there is in most PS games), as they added it in 1.08 to PC pred melee.

It would be nice to turn it off.
It used to severely fuck me over in mw3.

But there is a difference between aim assist and aim bot.
As for melee that’s kinda just a lock on attack. Like in legend of zelda. Ocarina time and up. Or any game that let’s you lock on. But in this case it just does it automatically.

the only difference between aim assist and an aimbot is one is built into the game and one is not. The degree it assists is variable. As I said previously an aim bot can also be adjusted in its settings (as the devs have mentioned several times in patch notes that they have adjusted the aim assist).

most people that would use an aim bot however just go full max and don’t care if they are spotted as cheating. If the devs turned the aim assist in this to the highest possible every shot would be a head shot.

I disagree cause looking back at my mw3 days the ppl who used aim not half the time werent even looking at the ppl they shot. This was on ps3.

But like I said, I dont like it anyway.
If there’s ever going to be aim assist I’d rather just have a lock on system. Which I know they wont add on.