Airstrip campers inside rock

Once again a huge bug I was able to wipe out 2 Ft members quick and then tracked to campers inside a rock at the top left of map. I jumped in the trees and was able to see where the shots were coming from and jump ontop of them.They were wedged between the rocks.

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Try taking a print of the location and show it on the map so the devs can see

@Courier @OldKingHamlet

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yeah we already reported this spot to the devs. pred can get in there though. there’s a big hole to the left of it. next time campers go inside, go through that hole and shoot the shit out of them

a volcano map would be decent… if done right… the anakin memes will start right after i post this

That’s what I did lol and then they rage quit!

There are many cheaters who get into the rocks, they are cheater cheater cheater

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Oh my fucking god it’s rombak 3 son of rombak

Jim you just missed this one guy called SturlasauRUS returning under an alt.
As @Ahab will attest, it was maximum levels of brain damage. Cause of him they deleted the science thread.

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Wait they deleted the science thread??? fuck i been away too long

Yeah, shame too, as you remember there were a lot of good intellectual conversations. Before the russian propaganda spam.

I can’t remember how shit works here, is it possible to view old deleted threads or just the blocked ones?

Unfortunately they deleted it, the locked threads are the ones people can still view

Apparently I’m an American fake scientist cancer rat though.

fuuuuck i woulda liked to see what kinda clusterfuck made him delete the science thread
Again, blatantly displaying my forum ignorance, but would it be possible for @Anyt1m3 to un-delete it, or is it permanently fucked?

Well, for starters he repeatedly made unwanted homosexual advances towards me, and kept calling me daddy and himself my bitch. Completely obsessed with me, to an uncomfortable degree.
I never presumed I’d be sexually harassed here of all places.
I lived rent free in this motherfuckers head, he’d @ me multiple times everyday in conversations I wasn’t even a part of. And it got even worse after I rejected him. Like completely mentally broken.

Unfortunately it cannot be un-deleted, and it was done by the mods, not @Anyt1m3.

Oh shit
Well that’s unfortunate
Daaamn I always leave just before shit gets interesting.

You’d have had a field day. Ahab and I caused him to fucking lose it, like legitimate mental breakdown levels. I could only imagine if you were there too


You are a mean little man torturing me like this.


I know.

Next time I’ll be sure to @ you, I’m sure he’ll be back at some point.

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Hello again daddy, am I still being your bitch or contract has expired?

Hello daddy? Are you one of the gangs of contract that forced me being your bitch? Together with cancer dying rat over here DADDY?