AI's are the real predators in this game

Not only do they spawn out of nowhere right behind you everytime you take a shit in the bushes and start blasting you with a shotgun, they also started coming out of the ground apparently.

I also want to take this opportunity and ask @IllFonic , for how long we need to suffer infinite spawn’s of AI’s, their ridiculously high damage, aimbot accuracy and wallhack abilities?

Not to mention infinite stupidity, where one Fireteam member fights Predator 1v1 and AI’s just keep blasting the Fireteam member, 'cause apperantly and logically, if you see a 6 foot alien attacking a human being, you as a human being, of course are gonna shoot your fellow human and not some green 6 foot intergalactic alien. [insert sarcasm here].

When is this stupidity is gonna be fixed?

Few QOL suggestions

  1. Nerf AI’s damage or limit AI’s amount of spawning during missions.

  2. Nerf infinite spawns of AI’s, even when there’s no mission and you’re in completely other base,
    standing still, AI’s are just gonna keep spawning and spawning, wallhacking their way to you and just
    keep blasting you with 100% accuracy.

  3. Stop the BS which is called “spawning AI’s right behind FT”.
    Could you guys at least give the AI spawns some distance from FT, so they would actually have to
    run towards FT and not spawn right behind them everytime you start mudding up, healing up,
    shooting the Pred etc, basically any sort of action?

In one match on Excavation, me and three of my friends killed around 100 AI’s just by doing the missions and fighting a Predator at the same time, that’s just insane.


It’ll never be fixed. We can’t even stop blue screens. Nothing will ever get better


In my opinion, they should focus on fixing everything first before rolling out any sort of content.
Because rolling updates upon updates upon updates without even testing a single one, produces bugs on top of bugs and atm, they seem like they don’t even know where to start when it comes to fixing, 'cause they don’t know what triggers certain bugs, and they don’t know because, they didn’t test it before rolling the update on public servers.

We can only hope but in mean time, they lose players and potential buyers of their product, which is PHG.

It’ll never be fixed. They’ll never change. Games days are numbered


buff the AI’s
nerf the bluescreen
@Kassinaillia very good game


It seems they are leveling up too !


Doubt they will read this

LOL, we need more screensies like this. LMFAO! Man what happen to the thread I made years ago and had a billion hits? You got to ride the wave bro!


i have so many ss like this

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This screenshots just tangy! melts in your mouth not in yo hand!

I haven’t done my fair share for night maps…that needs to be superseded by another troopa!

Am zis și mă repet din nou!!!Acest joc este de rahat…Caca. Heckari,programe instalate . yes,Ninja asasin aimbot,programa walhek.

Yay. A rooftop party.

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AI’s hunting grounds with special guest

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Fucking hell these screenshots say a lot. Ngl the AIs are literally the Predators best friend, apart from when they stand staring at you for 6 secs and then as soon as you throw the smart disc and your about to hit a Fireteam member they shoot you in the ass. This game is basically rock paper scissors at this point -
Fireteam kills Predator
Predator kills AI
Ai kills Fireteam


I wouldn’t care of AI damage if they inflicted the same damage to the predator

now the spawning right behind your back right after you just fully healed and taking away 25+ HP in one second is pretty stupid and makes me want to smash my keyboard against the screen

Hot Take: if you can’t handle A.Is, you suck.

Of course, the whacky situations where a small army comes barreling down onto you is stupid and should be ironed out.

But the Bots should stay as they are. Snipers and other higher tier A.I can take bits off your health if you let them. They should remain as a consistent threat. Hardcore Mode further improves their lethality and the need for coordinated take downs of A.I while juggling that with the threat of Pred, and they should be dangerous to Pred as well.

Ironically the newer Maps do this rather well when in the Launch Maps A.I are just a meme.


The Real Predators were the friends we made along the way. Namaste.

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Yummy farm 😋