Does any one have experience with this?

My uncle is an alcoholic in the worst way and I don’t know what to do


That’s rough.
My dad used to be an alcoholic but he became a cooler person when he got drunk, more chill.
But when he wasnt he was extremely irritable.

You might have to google this one, find ppl that can help.

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On the 3rd I went to the store when I came back he was face down in a pool of blood

His family was supposed to get him from the hospital but they discharged him in the middle of the night and he fell down AGAIN and now has staples in the back of his head

I use to be an alcoholic until I got sober 2 years ago. I was not in the best of places or shape. Had almost died with borderline liver failure and it was a wake up call for myself. Had a few relapses, but got sober. Now, I am at a point I drink a glass every now and then, but few and far between and never more than one.


Is going cold Turkey feasible??


Yes and No. I did it that way because had no choice since I was on that brink. People who aren’t it’s best to moderate and work your way down to less and less to keep that urge down till you no longer need it. It is not easy by no means, but support groups can be helpful as well during this process. I did it by myself, but my desire to live, to do it for my two kids, and few other things outweighed my need to drown my problems. Everyone is different, but the main thing is you can’t force them into it… Only talk and try to get them to understand your feelings on it. But, its ultimately their will to get sober and if they really want to. You can’t change that. It’s sadly a choice they have to make on their own.


trade one addiction for another: smoke weed instead.

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If that’s an option for them, it’s a safer alternative to continuing drinking.

safer how? legally maybe. As far as health is concerned, it is better to smoke weed than drink.

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Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous

An alcoholic can’t just switch to weed

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That and Xanax withdrawal can kill you. Weed withdrawal just give s me really vivid dreams. And I mean really vivid.

I had a dream once where I was like rambo and I just laid waste to a military base somewhere in south america (the people were brown). It was like a damn movie, explosions and blood everywhere. scary. I started smoking again and the intense dreams went away.

Maybe you’re smoking salvia thinking it’s weed?

See its legal in my state to smoke recreationally, but it causes me to have worse hallucinations than I already have. Of course I am schizophrenic, but have it under control without meds.

My advice is thought to sit down and talk with him, really state your thoughts, feelings, concerns, give advice, look into support groups, and other forms of aid to help so he might be more willing to listen.


You’re right depending on their dependence on it. Don’t go cold turkey unless you have to, it can trigger a heart attack.

Weed isn’t addictive but if you do have an addiction to a more hazardous substance weed is a safer alternative.

Getting sober is all down to the person, having people to support you helps but only they can stick to it when it gets hard. There will be difficult days, being high on pot can help some people when it does get difficult, it won’t replace the alcohol dependence though, just numb it.

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No I get the intense dreams when I quit weed cold turkey. Like around a week of not smoking. It’s a pretty well documented side effect among heads, but not too many straight doctors know about it.

Salvia is a trip though. Smokin it is way too intense but I guess thats the point. Indians would chew it slowly and keep in in the side of their mouth.

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I can confirm crazy ass dreams if I don’t get my pot. 😜

@NeonPred @Slasher_Clone

I don’t have dreams period

Very rarely I have a nightmare

That’s the pot, I only dream when I don’t have any and that hasn’t happened in years. Looks like we’re all in the same club,

“fuck you Freddy!”

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Everybody dreams. Just not everyone remembers. My dog dreams.

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