Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Just do the first mission on casual and git gud. Easiest trophy in the game imo, aside from the trivial trophies.

Run Gunner, use your sidearm with sidearm buff perks. Ez. Overclock and nades are givens

I ran it with Recon and had “Alpha” and “Beta” with me.

Use the magazines in the CQW that replenishes ammo with each xenomorph kill and buff the drone to put out health with each kill as well.

The way I did it was, drop the drone at each encounter and stay close to it. Don’t be too generous with your ammo. If you’re a bad shot, this won’t work because you will loose ammo faster then you’re replenishing it. And if you get hit you’ll be screwed as well because you need to be accurate for the health buff from the drone to work.

I’m my opinion, earning this trophy with Recon is the way to go because you will run dry as a Gunner. Unless you have teammates (not Alpha/ Beta) that are going to clear the way for you.

What grid setup do you run for gunner?

I just noticed this mate sorry .

I’m the UK yeah , so you are saying aliens is repetitive, no movie skins ?. The fact hunting grounds has movie skins automatically makes it better? Both these games are repetitive, fireteams missions are repetitive, how long did PHG only have one mode? Aliens launched with 2 modes and basically 12 stages which I count as maps. Aliens has better perk building for marines in my opinion and besides the character models? Both games aren’t impressive with graphics .

Aliens feels like aliens , PHG doesn’t feel like predator. The most it feels like predator is that it has a predator in it . Clash launched pretty much unplayable with stuttering , even something as simple as stat records they added , stats fo into the abyss with PHG to never be seen again .

Balance wasn’t the biggest issue with this game at launch , it was broken matchmaking and lack of modes , the launch title was the beta with two other maps unlocked .

Aliens is early days and added more in the time than hunting grounds has . The pred skins blind people to just how bad the game has been . Balance wasn’t an issue until they released specialisations for fireteam and waited 6 months before adding them for pred . Movie skins were the least of peoples problems with this game .

The criticism i am making , I’m not saying aliens is a superior game , they both have big fucking issues , but comparing on paper ? Aliens out does PHG , in my opinion of course .

Well then it comes down to preference and mine would be PHG, the skins are ok just because you can play as a canon pred but mainly cause its PvP so even though missions are repetitive you at least get to face different press and play styles it aliens relies on its campaigns at least for me cause horde is jus a extra like when zombies first came out on COD and it was jus a bonus cause the campaign and multiplayer were good so zombies was a bonus. I do agree tho that both games aren’t the tip of the line and are lacking but for me its better graphics than past pred games and i like the competitiveness of the game.

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In my opinion, AFE is definitely ahead of the curve when compared to PHG for a number of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love PHG, it’s just lacking in a few departments.

But hopefully the future is bright and 2022 will be a whole better year for the game looking ahead!

Now… where’s that damn roadmap @IllFonic !?!?

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It should be , a lot has changed over 10 years graphics wise , but that doesn’t save the game from what mess they made of it . Aliens is a mess aswell, so I ain’t saying one is and one isnt .

Personal preference i can respect, that varies from person to person, so there is no right and no wrong mate .

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Clearly they have so little time and resources to make one , because its likely the end of the road and they will milk the gullible by dropping whatever they can salvage from the recycling bin, most likely poorly done skins like the super(not so super) preds they just dropped .


Been trying to run Horde Mode on “Extreme”. OMFG the elites are TANKS!! 😳

Going to start running “Insane” missions. Who’s done it before and what advice do you got for weapons/ load outs?

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are u on Steam?

No, I’m on a PS5 console

no crossplay dude. no dice.

Have you done Insane missions? What class do you use going through and what weapon load outs do you use?

Not even touched Extreme or Insane. Done pretty much intense though.
Those difficulty levels you have to gamble with. Each player will go down once or twice im sure. Intense wtih 3 live players can beat without going down once.

The best choice is whatever you’re comfortable with and that won’t make you a baked potatoe.

I’ve beat the entire campaign on casual, standard and intense. I’ve already done quite a few extreme missions but boy are they rough! You really need a team that is all on the same page. Because once a person goes down, it causes a vicious domino effect and the team gets wiped!

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Successful teams Ive seen are on comm devices (this ive witnessed from Streamers). They do communcate to get out of tough situations.

Just got my “Horde Slayer” weapon skin! It’s so bad ass! Makes it look like your guns are all burnt up and melted by acid! REALLY COOL!
You get it by beating “Horde Mode” on “Intense” difficulty. 💪🏻

Next I gotta beat Horde Mode on “Extreme” to earn the Horde Slayer Armor and “Insane” to get my Horde Slayer Helmet.

I wants it!! The Horde Slayer set is myyyyyy precioussssss!!! Haha! 🤘🏻

its impossible without using cards that increase your dmg so i would suggest using that. Even if everyone is 710 lvl.

You can’t use card in both Horde Mode and Point Defense. Cards can only be used in missions.

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