Aliens fireteam

New preview at

Does it show the game running on PS4?


I wonder why they are avoiding that

I think it’s on pc. No footage of console.

Bet it runs like stank ass


Why would they show the game running on dated hardware? I get what you’re saying but from a marketing perspective it would make no sense to show Ps4 gameplay when you can show 5 or PC lmao.


Maybe to entice the people who own said hardware to buy it?

I mean they are selling it on outdated hardware after all


I get the marketing scam and so do others

That’s why I’m pointing it out

True, don’t get me wrong you have a point but I’m pretty sure they just wouldn’t want to show that. It’d be like a Ps4 game showing Ps3 gameplay.

I had a look at the AvP Galaxy Preview and while I do share the same concerns with the Campaign Length, it technically sets out to do what it promises, no grand scheme otherwise than implied additional content that will probably lead into some sort of Roadmap.

It’s a bad choice IMO since there are more potential users on PS4

I have a feeling the controls and reaction times will be the same on both pc and Ps platforms. Just a hunch as most 3rd person games tend to focus on what you do and not how good you shoot. Its due to the enemies mainly and the auto aim assists.

From all the recent reviews it looks pretty darn cool, Im likely to by the deluxe as 10 dollars per season DLC is a good price considering they may charge more per DLC if you dont. Im sureit will be like 15 bucks if you get them individually. but im not sure.

But judging from this model, we aren’t likely to see free updates , just bug fixes.

I’m just worried it will run like shit since they’re going out of their way to avoid showing ps4 gameplay

I want to be optimistic as PS4 Pro would likely handle 4k with slightly poor antialiasing but altogether not far from what you see from DaysGone.
Lots of enclosed spaces and repeating models. Since they are not showing Playstation gameplay yet, i’m sure it will be released in the next week or so as we are looking exactly at one month away from release date and PS Blog likes to do things on their own timeline.

You would think so but this game proves otherwise

I wonder if the game will even support ps4 pro enhancements

You’re comparing apples and beef IMHO. PHG has alot of woodland textures and models repeating in a forever pattern across vast distances. There is a challenge in that to begin with.

From the looks of it, the shadows in AFTE is so confined to specific areas that you won’t get alot of geometry being rendered with shadows. I was uniquely attentive to the shadows in these video reviews and from the looks of it, this is where their optimization will make things run really well.

True but so does battlefield V

And it runs at 60fps with HDR and whatever fauxK resolution

my only guess would be that PHG utilizes less instanstiantiated tree assets, that is, too many unique looking trees, fallen dead trees , trunks, etc and other such things.

BFV really looks like they repeat alot of stuff. Thats probably why they have such low fps.

It sucks and makes absolutely no sense but I’ve become accustomed to it by now

I want to git gud but the Sony overlords won’t allow it 😔

Considering no one can get a ps5 I think it makes a lot of sense to show ps4 gameplay. Considering that’s your actual audience

Frostbite engine is fine tuned for Battlefield and battlefield specifically, the in-house team is trained in using & optimizing the engine.

Whereas Unreal Engine is like a shitty mass produced car that you can take out onto the street and anyone is trained to operate, but it doesn’t mean they can operate it particularly well & its likely not going to hold a candle to the performance of a customized game engine unless you have some really talented UE wizards. You can do a lot in it but its not specialized for 60fps with HDR and whatever resolution with integrated destruction, terrain generation & crash physics

Ofc Aliens FT is in Unreal because its an outsourced garbage car I wouldn’t have particularly high expectations but the maps are just hallways and there is no foliage and not a lot of partical effects. The alien ragdolls stop dead in their tracks and it looks like once they hit the max amount of ragdolls they just start hitting the ground using the same animations. 100% certain you’re not going to be getting 50 aliens onscreen at once.


Makes sense

James Cameron will be leaving PHG to play Aliens Fireteam. Yes it looks like it might be restrictive with only 3 players and no versus mode. But it will be good enough until Back4Blood drops. That’s gonna be the new co-op and PvP game for the foreseeable future.