Amazon pred is strong as fuck

1550 health, unreal stamina, pretty good movement speed, 6.6% melee increase. Add fervent and fearless thats 26.6% melee buff against 4 alive fire team, 16.6% agaisnt last 3. Very high perk points so its hard to go wrong with what you pick, but I’m finding that with long jump, fearless, impenetrable, sickle, and hhpc I dare say balance is no longer advantage to fire team. Even with competent dantes and dutches, comboing long jump with this stamina, I’m in the spawn and taking at least one skull before they can get out of it and begin the mission.

What do you guys think?


Well I think the fact that you bought this piece of shit dlc is moronic


This DLC costs less than a miller light at any bar in my city. Sorry you’re so poor that $7 is consequential to you???


How does it feel to pay for the same class you already have access too for two years now?


Well its an undeniably different class and also whats your problem that I spent $7 and am having fun with what that got me???

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He’s just mad don’t mind him lol 😂

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@Bugreportaccount you can’t have your own thoughts here on this forum boy.
Here you have to agree with all of what the majority of the Pred main acephalous say and feel about this game.
The models are :

  • Pred isn’t and never was strong enough, no matter it’s stats, perk points or type of weapons and FT has all the advantages.
  • If you win as Pred, you’re a good player.
  • If you lose as Pred, FT is OP.
  • If you lose as FT, you suck.
  • Hacks don’t exist and modded controllers are useless in this game.

That’s about it.
If you follow the flock, you should be just fine.


A. Try tagging me next time. Then again I don’t expect you to understand how that works.

B. Your purchase directly contributes to cheap cash grabs and incentivises their place in the market. Your actively making the market worse


You got pissed that some one used a photo of you, that you uploaded online. Shut up


Dude you think this game is actually unique

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Oh yeah. Definitely.

Dude it’s literally a worse cod except one dude can jump

Weapons aren’t unique

Cloak and thermal are meaningless

Mobility is minimal

What else is there that makes it unique?


Sarcasm is a taboo for ya ain’t it?
When i said yeah about being unique, i was referring to the negative points, not his features.


You can’t tell nowadays because stupidity is that rampant

For every sarcastic quip there’s an idiot who believes it

Lol 😂 that has nothing to do with you being upset over this update

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You forgot, “illfonic’s staff is composed entirely of lizard aliens” @Mothrogdal @Arnie.schwarzewigger


Lol I can second that.

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Tbf the update is abysmal. 2 more preds who don’t actually change the gameplay in the slightest, nothing cosmetic-wise for ft and no balance/bug fixes, and this time we don’t even get any shitty weapon reskins, or blatant fuck-overs of the poor fools who pre-ordered.

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And that’s a value judgement.
And for every value judgement there’s a mental midget who made it.

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Not really