Any good Fireteams knocking about still?

Same as the title, hoping to squad up and maybe look to play some serious games against some good preds?


what good preds? didn’t you hear? FT is OP and Pred is pathetic. There can’t be any good Pred players in a game so terribly balanced in favor of FT

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appreciate the sentiment but all im looking for is just intense games, no one side steamrolling the other thats all :)

I know, but that’s what I am saying, FT is so OP that is just so easy, no Pred presents any real threat… or so that’s the word around here

(BTW I am being totally sarcastic)

Oh I caught your drift, I am not trying to cause beef, I just want some games where the pred is not so new that they cant effectively escape the FT or the FT just being so unaware that the pred can just bounce around and take free shots as they please.

Just want good close games :)

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Are you on Console?

PC - Played day 1 but stopped after a few months and only came back recently :)

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There should be some discords to join and find players for private matches.

Me and my friends are gonna do some privates in about an hour if you want to join.

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Low Mercy’s squad, Reapers still play, Team X is still a thing it’s just maybe me and Kid Scoutz that still play here and there

On PC there are some discords that known FT players use, they still play regularly on premades, most of the great preds dont play that much anymore though.

Thats a shame, I honestly can’t blame them though, I can see there has been a little bit of content and QoL changes since I last played in the opening months but nothing thats truly ground breaking, just a lot of reskins :/

I would give it a go man but it was like 3am my time when I posted this haha, up for some games later though if you are around :)

Yea man, my name tag in epic is the same as on here.

sent the request :P

Aight cool cool. I’ll check it out in a bit. Gotta run some errands atm.

I cant find any good fireteam. Just one or two individuals really. So i just pick one guy out the group and wittle him down till he rage quits. This is the way.

There are, if you want to challenge yourself.

Did you forget about us? The Rangers???


almost every night from 21 till 24 central Europe time, crossplay OFF on Epic. You’ll find either one of the russian deathsquads or mixed european.

Ready to get melted in < 3 minutes.

Ask around.