any good preds out there?

any one wana play pred vs my frog clan? any classes go except glitch load outs



okay you got me some of them are really toads

I demand to be recruited into this “general amphibian clan”

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lmao bro im not doing try outs rn

you sack!

I am the champ you filthy degenerate


Well you sack ball sacks!

well if you guys wana test out you skills ill be here wating for pred to show up

@YautjaSymbiote you make me sick!

Give me the bible!

ill take you on you traitor! INTO THE JONGO!

so any of you guys wana be pred

I will

Once the game is fairly balanced

if you scared just say that

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You damn hacker!! You are a hacker like everyone else in the game!!! (Jks love you really Bracco!!) miss ya lad

Nah I ain’t scared I’m just not gonna touch the game again so the love-hate relationship doesn’t start back up

I’m going back to cod

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