any good preds out there?

If I were home, I’d love to play Pred against a pre made. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at an airport waiting on a delayed flight. 😔

Shut up n play vs glitched loadouts loser.

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Ask deGayxeeno_02 to play
He always cries like a baby but when it comes to play he gets silent

Flying is the worst

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You still playing this 🗑. All the real players left



its the other xeno

its easy to reach the top but harder to stay on top. the real stayed the fake got out. perspective matters

wazzzaaaa bro how you been

those are the worst. safe travels man. hope fully next time we can throw some matches. for the culture

good luck with that

I’m loving life rn homie! Hbu how’s the US?!

Hunterrrr!! How are you my brother?! Miss you and love you (no homo) 😂😂

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its good rn cant complain. keep working out! i see you homie get those gains

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@Mith it seems you tbagged the wrong person LMFAO 🤣
Now enjoy tbaggs and defuses

Nah, I t-bagged the right person

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Nice rage quit btw
I can see you took the cable out of wall Lol

Didn’t rage quit. The match was over, no point in watching y’all kill a.i for two minutes

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But we enjoy that , they are more interesting than our predator player
More challenging I mean

That’s funny. I was making y’all sweat for most of those matches lol. Fuck outta here

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