any good preds out there?

Aha , which match exactly you talking about
The one and only one that you won ?
Good job , you finally got a win out of like 10 matches
Btw you should listen to bravo , don’t blink

Some of those matches were very close, but I get it. You wanna talk shit, it’s alright.

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Im just saying facts
It’s like “talk shit” to you cuz you tbagged immediately after you won only one match and then you started getting spanks
That’s pitty actually
Gotta go rn , hope you do better next time

You made a whole video dedicated to me, but you mad about some t-bags lol.

Also, I t-bagged because you were the last one alive. The t-bags weren’t directed to the rest of the team.

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Just letting you know it wasn’t about you
It was about how to use EMP and more important, it was about team-work
Too bad you can’t complain about any class this time , probably you got distracted again

I like how the rest of the team shows you if you tbagg one of the members of the team , they’ll tbagg you as well
Karma is real baby , remember don’t blink next time

Yes, good job. Y’all finally played with fair classes.

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Yeh bro Ofc! Always getting the gains and that my guy! Good to hear your well!

Right, not so much the actual flying part, but definitely the security, boarding, and delays stuff.

What was the team?

Yeah they tend to do that don’t they.

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I saw that.
Try not to show how angry you are next time before you delete 🤣

coming from the guy that rages and reports?! gtfo hear you and snake are birds of feather that flock together. that makes yall suckas.

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You saw what ?
Deez nuts in your mouth? Good LMAO


Hes the guy who makes videos from every match he plays
The same guy who talk shit behind people cuz he has no balls (don’t share these informations pls)
I wonder what he learns in school
Being a hypocrite c*nt probably
I blame parents for that LMAO


It was your mom with her favorite positions LMFAO

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feminine traits on males lmao. this are the betas they warn you about


Nice to see complete insanity on the forums.

you made a whole set of videos dedicated to my clan the frogs and not mention your boyfriend pool also made a whole video dedicated to me lmao. i dont even have yt. yall some hypocrites.

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I never reported anyone.
I literally sent screenshots to Mike proving I didn’t report him so that’s your problem.

The angry post you made to me before you deleted it.

The ratio of matches I play to matches I upload is very different from what you insinuate. In fact you could stretch as far as saying I barely upload. Heck, I haven’t uploaded the last 3 or 4 timed I killed Bravo so you can’t really say I upload every match.

You are on literally 0 grounds to call me a hypocrite. I literally read your name as “Hypocrite3ii3”. You complained to the Reapers about using unfair classes yet the “Elite Snipers” are running Supports, multiple Fanatics, Dantes, Leaders against Snake most of the time, yet you also call him bad for not winning every game. You also couldn’t even beat the Reapers when they played fair.

Is that seriously the best insult you can throw at me?

You still don’t even have anything new to say. Get over yourself mate

I could’ve made 4 or 5.