Any good RTS suggestion ?

I just bought C&C 3 tiberium wars with dlc, since those mofo from EA came back to steam’s stable. But I feel I’ll need more soon ! Do you have any good RTS games you tried you would suggest ? If it has a multiplayer coop mode it would be great !

I saw that starcraft 2 was a f2p but is it a p2w ? I’m on pc btw.


I like planetfall on ps4. Not the greatest a.i. but it’s fun.


It looks like a mix between x-com and civs games ! Might check it out if it’s also on pc !

It is I believe. And ya it has a huge x com feel which is why i like it lol.

Takes awhile to complete a map tho. Like 8 hours on average for me, but I’m the type to really build up an army and make my units strong as hell.

Damn XD ! That might be a little too much for me ! I already have civ 6 which takes a lot of time to complete each game. I also got both x-coms and I find them great even tho sometimes the aiming… lol. I really like the pace of C&C, I can hop in and make a good fight that last around 30 mins.

Nah man. Lol not in planetfall.

Theres like 4 maps in each campaign.
Theres quite a few campaigns too. Like 6 or 8.

But each map felt like its own campaign xD.

Good RTS? What i play hmmm
Dawn of War 1 + expansion Winter Assault and stanalone expansion Dark Crusade
Dawn of War 2 + expansions (DoW 2 have not building units beside dlc retribution ) and whats i recall DoW 2 has some coop (one of the two players controll some squad)
Dont touch DoW 3 and Soulstorm (Soulstorm if you have buddies and installed apocalipse mod to have massive fights )
Starcraft 2 is good when its about campaign and coop its hmm what i see in video its okay if you spam like crazy with orders where i am not xD

Rise of Nations game where you can start from stone age to future times and you have borders

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I just bought red alert 3… 0_o ! I can’t stop… help !! It’s summer sale on steam arrgghh !

Thx ! These are some titles I’ve never heard of ! I’ll check them out !

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Lol all the sales are belong to me xD

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Lol !! If only LOTR BFME 2 was on steam !


No problem if i recall some title where i have fun to play i will write :)

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I wish if was LOTR BFME 1 on steam…i played that a lot when i was in school xD

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Ancestors Legacy

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I couldn’t play it when the game came out since I was younger and didn’t had a computer powerful enough to run it :’( !! I was watching the gameplay like : ‘‘OMFG this looks epic’’ !!!

I checked some gameplay videos and it looks pretty neat thx !

I get that game by friend of my father…yea he pirated that game but my childhood was only in pirate games (games in Poland were wayyy too expensive)

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Same ! When I was younger I didn’t knew other ways to get games because I was too young to have an incomes.

Planetfall SMACKS

Fk you mean smack? Fkn kids with your minecraft slang. Lol xD

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