Any old AvP2 online players around?

I swear that game had the absolute best multiplayer. I remember holding down a hallway as marines, trying to cover all entrances and still watch my motion tracker, them BOOM an alien player pounces your squad mate into a red paste. Watching your plasma caster bolt home in on that last marine running to get back to his team, blowing him into tiny red chunks. Ah, those were the days! Anyone know if private servers are running somewhere? I’d definitely reinstall if we could get a few dozen players together!


Use to play back in the day

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Me to, still play today, there is a community server still going at it.


You’re my hero! Once I get it running I’m there :)

I used to play AVP2 loved that game still hoping for a new AVP game that resembles AVP2

or a AVP game that does not suck the monkeys asshole like the last one :P


I am so downloading this

On pc or console

Yeah I’m still on avp2

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Yeah it only came out on PC. Those were the good days.

I wish someone would just remake it in Unreal


yoooo avp2 man what a good online game i played that shit so much. bunny hopping with the pred and net gun. I had modded it to remove the fog in thermal vision and ripped sounds from the original pred movies and changed the WAVs to make my own taunts. they were only client side but man was it a good time. A lesser fate, Lucifer’s fate, Colony, Auriga, Depot, Leadworks… just looking at screens of those maps takes me back to the hours sunk into that game. what a time to be alive.

the pred vs alien fights could get so intense. i would legit be scared sometimes with the vision being all red and seeing the predaliens coming knowing it was going to be a crazy hand to hand with battle leaps, bunny hopping and trying to get that head hit with the spear.


or climbing up after aliens in the vents on quarantine omg… the memories


Played avp2 mp a lot. Loved being the aliens or marines. Funny enough not so much Predator. Good memories. Awesome game.


Man AVP 2 was really great game, espesialy AJL mod ( if I dont forgot ). This mod entirely change the game and it was the one of the best PvP game in AvP universe I played ever.

PC, 2002 years game release

We had a little group and a server. All I say is UMP - Ultimate Map Pack. Slaughterhouse was one of my favourite maps. Back then communities delivered great maps, instead of paid DLC… developing tools were handed out. We had such an amazing time playing the game several evenings in the week.


yea that was the best

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Played countless hours. Til the servers shut down some years back.

I can literally feel the developers reading this and saying ‘shit, they’re leaving to play a 20 year old game’ lmfao

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