apparently there is a animation canceling bug

hit him up once i figure it out i’ll say it here
since i reported the FT one i’ll report this one too once i learn it can’t be too hard since most of the animation canceling bugs that have existed and do exist are just spamming a single key during animation frames

right now i’m assuming it’s the leap key during melee animation frames which causes the game to try and leap you as soon as possible and since melee isn’t seamless between hits it causes animations to cancel themselves and allow the leap to take place just like ye old slam canceling

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No spam or exploit involved.

animation canceling is an exploit unless the dev’s say so otherwise as that’s why the slam was was patched lol

I mean fireteam animation masking and cancelling have been pointed out…but they haven’t patched those. Lol.

But we all know they have bias so of course they’d jump all over anything that makes pred a little bit better

that’s literally not true as they patched reload canceling for the FT when it got reported

the only one we are currently waiting on is the knife combo to get patched

Then how come it’s still a thing I have done and my teammates did this very night in privates?

cause you have to report them indvidually
they only have 1 QA guy and that guy doesn’t check gameplay related bugs you have to report those he only checks art

if you want bugs to get patched you should report them instead of expecting them to do it with their one QA guy

unless your talking about swapping a weapon to cancel a reload animation cause that’s supposed to happen unless when your swapping back it gives you a full clip in which case you should report that

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What about “it’s been reported multiple times” did you not understand?

Besides given my tests with this function it is quite literally a part of fundamental game mechanics that they couldn’t change without altering/removing said mechanics which ends in broken gameplay. Bad development on their part.

because you can search things on this site and i after doing a search i found the last time a reload bug related to a magazine that wasn’t a visual bug was back in may/July 2020 that was reported in the bug report section

please say things that are true when i can fact check you dude
I’m not some dumbfuck who takes peoples words at value i actually bother to check on people to make sure they aren’t lying to me

(just to catch you a reload animation canceling bug has actually NEVER been reported so just in case to make sure you are also checking on me now and if you didn’t that’s on you dummy)

Because this is the only place one can make official bug reports. Yup you caught me! 👍

So where?

I’m curious as to why you think every other bugged animation has been patched but this wont be lol

Because not every cancellable animation that has been reported has been patched ie the sawz

You should try reporting that on the official forums instead of wherever you claim you’re reporting it to perhaps?

i’d assume going through their facebook/twitter cause most games allow this to happen even though i know illfonic has pushed people to the forum for such things in the past lets assume for a moment he is telling the truth

which unless it’s DM’s and there posting a video clip that shit is never getting patched cause all that’s happening is he says “hey you can cancel this animation.” and they say to the dev’s: hey you can cancel this animation apparently? and they respond how? and their CM says IDK

They have steadily been removing animation cancelling as its reported, just like finessology is saying. They haven’t fixed some animation cancels that they don’t know about, some of these have been live since release. Some times it takes them ages for more complex ones and then the solution is to lock animations/movement after/during which makes pred/ft feel more clunky.
I am Finessology.


I saw certain Pred canceling switch weapons animations, making his “swaps” pretty much instant.

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This absolutely seems to be a thing among some Pred players.
In the last two months I also witnessed this pattern:

  • Preds immediately leaping away while eating pigs, instead of standing up slowly, or cancelling Close combat animations.
  • Preds fast switching and shooting weapons in impossible speeds (CStick Throw to Bow Shot in less than 2 seconds)
  • Preds being able to override shot of masks, so they are still able to use Thermal Vision

Seems like it has to do with spamming buttons fast and long enough until the game gives in.
Meanwhile I get Input lag and need to hit buttons like 3 times to switch weapons as FT. xD

This whole animation cancelling is far worse than I initially thought.
I was finally able to replicate it and did insane stuff.
Like shooting Bow and Plasmacaster at nearly the same time.

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You animal how could you be Jysty