Are most fireteam players idiots


So I’ve been playing predator hunting grounds practically non stop since I got it a few weeks ago and I can’t help but notice every game I go into I have to deal with someone that brings the game down for the whole team, between not mucking up at the start to having a mic on, to even having idiots blasting music down a mic or just talking absolute non sense while playing or talking to someone watching something n it blasts down the mic as well, do they not have a clue that that’s another way for a predator to track you he can intercept your mic in close proximity and if he hears even breathing down a mic he knows he’s near n just to look around for the fireteam,

You then get the players who try to exfil solo yet your running to get reinforcements you say stop or ask to wait as you won’t be able to exfil and are going to bring the team back, they don’t they continue thinking of themselves but then they go down right away and your left stuck at the other side of the map unable to reach exfil or sometimes even have the time to get reinforcements,

Then theirs the players who decide to hide in one building while the predator pots shots at them, generally I try to sneak out keep the mission going out of view of the predator n can reinforce if all go down, but then you’ve either got someone following you who hasn’t mucked up or theirs 2 guys left n I complete the mission and they decide to exfil and theirs no way I make it in time as I’m running to get reinforcements or the optional mission,

So that brings me back to are most fireteam players idiots, my answer so far is yes I haven’t had 1 game all night where one of the above hasn’t happened ruining the game for myself n others,

Here’s what makes a good fireteam member, muck up at the start before the predators vision pulse has cooled down, mute your mic unless needed etc predator is south west I can hear him on my headset ( stops the predator finding you easier even when mucked if he hears you he knows your close so talk minimally n mute ) continue missions even if the predator is on top of you ( all you do is move together keep trying to spot the predator n shoot if able, do enough damage that predator will run n heal giving your team a break to continue the mission muck up n lose him ) wait for your team if their is only a couple of guys left n ones running to reinforce n grab the optional don’t run for the exfil n try it solo ( whether you get the xp or not someone like me is taking the time to bring back the team n calling reinforcements or running around the map grabbing optional objectives or both at the same time for everyone’s benefit and I’d like to get to the exfil as well ) that a few things I’ve noticed n I’m absolutely fed up of it, you ask people to mute their mic when playing ( they don’t listen n proceed with their pish or give you pure cheek )

So what do I hope this accomplishes less idiot fireteam members and more awareness of how to play as a team, all it takes is one person to ruin the game meaning it’s harder for people like me who do daily missions n stuff, so work together

I also note something else if you let your kids play this game your a bad parent I don’t care what age they are I don’t care if their mature for their age this is a 18 rated game, kids shouldn’t be playing a 18 rated game it’s for adults only and personally this culture we live in where parents let their kids play n do whatever they want because it’s easier for them is why the world is so fucked, take responsibility for your actions game like this get the blame for your children if they do something wrong it was the games fault, well it wasn’t ever the games fault it was the parents for allowing their son or daughter to play a game they shouldn’t be playing at their age, in that instance I believe the parents should do the time as well l, it’s irresponsible and as a gamer who plays a game designed for adults I don’t want to hear your squeeky twat kid that shouldn’t be playing the game shouting down the mic, not mucking up or playing it as intended n ruining the game not just for me but others,

Just fed up with the shit every game with a game I love being broken by always 1 idiot not playing it as intended,
So I hope people learn from this and I really don’t care if your a parent offended or kid offended by what I said kids shouldn’t be playing this game and you are a bad parent for allowing it 😠
Peace out ✌️

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most players, pred or ft are idiots. end of story

people who complain about one side show they only play one side, which disgusts me

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Fyi I don’t play just as one side but all daily n weekly missions are fireteam focused, so I tend to play more as a fireteam member between that and the long ass waits to play as a predator, very rarely I get kicked into a no preference as a predator and it’s normally a ten minute wait per game that doesn’t always work between connecting for 5 minutes to glitching from the game lobby or just done right crashing 100 times a day, so keep your disgust and quick judgement to yourself just because I don’t mention the predator doesn’t mean I don’t play as them, I also don’t have problems as a predator except with spotting some People have a advantage when it comes to spotting getting spotted left right n centre, but I try spotting what happens it marks a tree trunk or building, I’m sure that’s pc crossplay players though, but yeh I got the impression most fireteam players are just idiots n I’ve struggled even to get one good game without 1 or more of these idiots in the game n ruining it 😪

All I can say is, welcome to PHG.

I played like that for a year, solos in pubs, I almost uninstalled the game 'cause I was getting tired of carrying brainless potatoes in every match. But I’ve met some good players, made some friends and it’s a whole another story when you play even with one good player and 2 potatoes.

My advice to you is, make some friends, group up with them and play.

The thing is, all those with open mics watching Kardashians in the background, got the game for free and have no clue which game are they playing and will probably never play the game again.


What is there to complain about a dumb predator?

If your one your not complaining about yourself

If your a FT free win big whoop

Reverse it and preds get a free win big whoop

But as a FT player it actively hurts you to no fault of your own

There’s no reason to complain about more than one side

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Yes, and no. They’re not really invested in playing at their best, so they don’t look into mechanics like this. They play like they’re idiots, because they just don’t care to check.

Part of the blame falls on Illfonic, because this was not a well thought out mechanic. It should be removed from the game, as there are plenty of other ways to track down the fire team, including through character voiced audio cues and visual cues such as when weapons are fired. This kind of a mechanic is extremely damaging to people looking for an experience, and not necessarily a competitive match. Nobody would expect that communicating with your teammates would give your exact location away, much less with a visual cue.


Welcome to PHG … its not so bad here … but its also … urr … not so good


That they make for a boring match. They’ll either never show up because they saw a camp full of AI or they bum rush in with melee. The latter will be entertaining for as long as they last, a couple of seconds.


Bad game

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