Are we even getting any DLC this month

I don’t care if it’s paid or free
I just want to know if you think we’re getting any this month

  • Yes, we are getting something!
  • No, we aren’t getting anything!

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all DLC has been released

There will be no more

Not even shaders

The game is dead


That was my thoughts, the roadmap has never been updated even tho they said it was to be updated.

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In all seriousness

They have stuff planned for the rest of the year

Anything beyond that is unlikely but possible if this game can manage to gain some traction

Not even a million players


There will be free and paid dlc this month. Bet.

We’re getting another map too. Bet.

What are you betting

If there isn’t a paid and free dlc I will create the most diabolical release 87 jungle hunter thread

If there is a paid and free dlc you will create this thread


The creator of this thread must fight tooth and nail to get 87 jungle hunter released. All who oppose must be destroyed

Or they must commit Sudoku



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One last thing

You can’t cop out and try to explain your irrationality by saying you’re creating the thread because you lost a bet. You must remain convicted

Already happened with the last bet I made

Like message if you agree


I wouldn’t be against putting a hold on DLC so they can focus on fixing shit


I’ll even shake on it


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I get what your saying but having the art team stop working isn’t going to help them fix bugs


Fair enough. More shaders then!

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So you just want a thread on JH release lol, you win I do it, I win you do it :p

Maybe some more solid colors like a black armor or black mask shader
Cause some of these patterns are a little to much

Yes but there was clearly a Red Arrow at the edge of the road map. An ARROW!


More stuff planned. Hamlet sounded hype on stream but they said they’re not allowed to tell us anything.

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Do you mean seppuku? 😱😁

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