Army of the Dead

This is how Zombies are supposed to be

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Nope. No smart, planning zombies with tablets and organized calendars. Fast zombies and zombie animals, sure. Just not brainy ones.


This movie looks like complete dog shit , and I know what dog shit looks like , I watched zacks last movie .

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I’ll give it a look

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Looks fun

We need Dave Bautista in PHG

Zombies are next to brain dead eating machines, barely capable of organized thought. They should stay that way. Faster us fine with me, but if they’re smart, it’s just going into Resident Evil territory and those suck.

This is… like the polar opposite of how zombies should be. I’m so tired of these super zombie concepts. It was cool with 28 Days Later cuz they weren’t actually zombies but this is ridiculous.

These guys have flesh rotting off, constantly bleeding and oozing goo… yet they’re fast, strong, and smart? No, they should be retards with an appetite that can barely hold themselves upright let alone together.

The fundamental threat of zombies is the dead returning to life, outnumbering the living, and turning the them into zombies. The more they drift from this the worse the zombie movie will be.

Also, Zack Snyder makes the worst trailers I swear. Gotta put that dad soft rock in fucking everything doesn’t he lol

There are more than one kind of “zombie”

You got your voodoo zombies; the OG zombie that is caused by fucking voodoo magic and does whatever the zombifier wishes

shamblers; the traditional flesh hungry walking corpse brought about by necromancy/witchcraft

Infected; those driven by a virus or fungus or parasite who eat anything and are more mobile

And lastly the living dead; those brought back by a man made chemical agent who are capable of anything a human is capable of (depending on their state of decomposition) and prefer to eat live brains

And there is room for each type in the realm of horror


Smart zombies are like my fear… especially if they are fast too lol… fast + smart

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@Thunder-Cats @NerdatorPrime

The biological answer lies somewhere between your two arguments.

If we want to use the most realistic scenario for the real world, it would likely be a form of rabies strain that mutated.

So rabies, the real life equivalent of a zombie virus, symptoms can be seen when it progresses to the nervous system and attacks the spinal cord + brain aka Central Nervous System or CNS for short.
It works to cause aggression by acting as a inhibitor between neurons and by the immune system attacking, causing inflammation of the brain, and eventually encephalitis and meningitis, causing death of brain tissue over time. (We don’t see this too much in humans because we die of not being able to swallow and hydrophobia first in most cases).

Now, this mutated strain would need to do a few things different than standard rabies to be a true zombie virus:

  1. Not cause hydrophobia (fear of water) and the inability to swallow food.
  2. Not completely kill off the host (otherwise you have 2 days max before no more electric potential in neurons and muscle literally falling off, resulting in the destruction of the zombie)

With these two, the host would remain alive and be able to take in water + food for continued existence as a zombie in an enraged state.

Now a little bit more on the aggression and how the body retains mobility for a while in normal rabies and out hypothetical zombie rabies: This works by inhibiting and destroying parts of the brain that control higher thought (most of your brain, leaving brain stem and inner most basic parts relatively unharmed). This is important because the lower brain controls body functions and anger/rage, and if only that was operating and like normal rabies was transmitted via bodily fluids and contact, you would have the perfect zombie virus.

However, the lower brain also stores your muscle memory and deeply engrained habits. This is key because zombies in this case would preform these engrained habits, but also have the aggression and transmission of a zombie. So technically, the answer is somewhere in the middle, zombies might know how to use blunt force weapons in melee combat, but not much else other than those deep habits.

So, there’s your answer, with an insane amount of pathology and biology to get there.

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There is also a possibility of fungee to evolve and attack the same parts of human body as rabies except fungee will be able to communicate and stuff… so its either either smth like from last of us would be most accurate representation

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A lot of people these days forget about how many types of zombies there are, and the fact that every culture has different kinds zombies.

Hell in some cultures zombies and vampires are the same thing.

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Tomorrow I can update with an alternate fungal zombie pathology theory.

Not to be a dick but, (and we all know what’s coming, so just come to peace with it.) I couldn’t give 2 shits about science-y zombies. I simply prefer the mindless, ever-hungry monsters. I liked the original idea from Night of the living dead’s slogan, “when there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth.” Granted. That’s not the route they went with the cause, but the shambling ones are still the best. When zombies can plan attacks on the living using tactics and a chalkboard, they’re just ugly vampires.


Who is going to break it to them , that money will only be good for wiping your ass with in the apocalypse 🙄 . Fucking idiots . Or are the zombies contained in that one area? I just bit the bullet and watch the trailer above , so its an organised tribe of zombies? Oh zack 😔

The original of the dead trilogy was the best . Zacks remake of dawn was actually decent , the colour night of the dead is hands down my favourite, everything about it was just what I like from a zombie feeling . Cooper is the G.O.A.T

Looks like they’ve been contained

For now

Yeah, I just am studying epidemiology and pathology at the moment, so the more you know I guess.

I personally prefer zombie movies that either don’t try to make sense, or make it extremely realistic and leave bread crumbs to tell why/how for those who know to look for it.