Army of the dead

What did you guys think?

I personally think zack snyder is creatively bankrupt and his best movies are behind him . It was bad


Snyder is a cinematography guy. He can figure great shots and visuals but when it comes to forming plots and concepts he’s pretty weak. Dawn of The Dead was a great remake though.


Yeah , it was probably one of his best movies

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This effectively makes him a worse Christopher Nolan.
And Nolan brings the earshattering soundtracks and crazy set peices.

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Eh I’m a fan of some Nolan movies but ultimately after seeing his formula enough, it’s kinda frustrating. The way he paces things often requires multiple viewings, and the first time you see them it’s like someone’s skipping through scenes… except it’s intentional.


The only Nolan movies I enjoyed were the dark knight trilogy.

Actually that’s a lie , the prestige was a great movie . Tenent looks shit and inception wasnt for me .

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Nolan was involved with man of steel on some level ? Snyder has a very clear pattern in his movies now and he really thinks he is the greatest director and that his shit dont stink .

Josstice sneague sucked ass and army of the dead is a mess . I won’t spoil anything but he likes to take something and put a retarded spin on it , and thinks he is a creative genius.

It doesn’t beat the night of the dead OG remake , I watched it again last night, its probably one of my favourite zombie movies .

Interstellar is probably the best space movie since 2001 imo, worth watching at least once.

I have seen it , was that Christopher Nolan?

Yup, you can tell cuz it’s pacing is exactly the same as every other movie he makes lol I’m guessing that’s hid trademark along with BBWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Huh , I didn’t realise it was . Yeah it was good from what I can remember .

With snyder I actually think the dceu would be better off without him , personally

Agreed. If I were in charge I’d say double down where Marvel cant; Batman lmao

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At this point just look at the track record of any he was involved with ? Even the ones I like are flawed though .

Man of steel? I liked it
Bvs? it could have been better
Josstice sneague? Regardless of what others think I feel it is pure garbage and I think he was involved with ww84 on some level? It was trash .

The best dc movie is between man of steel and aquaman, and even they aren’t great movies .I liked watchmen as it was more suited to snyder , I just think he is the wrong person for the job with dc at least .

Shazam was boring as fuck but I have no idea if he was involved at all , I just had to throw that in there 😆 gunn is overrated aswell and the suicide squad looks shite .

Whut? Best DC movies are al batman or batman related. I agree the rest is trash though. Mostly because Hollywood is spineless and desperate to not take risks so they tried copying Marvel’s EU concept and failed miserably.

Which proves it’s better to try and fail, than to copy someone else’s work and still fail.

Yeah , I meant to say out of the most recent ones after Nolans trilogy 😁

Still, Joker, cuz its technically DC. Highest grossing R film to date. I’ll say though it’s like a direct rip off of Taxi Driver.

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I started watching joker but turned it off half way when it was first out , recently I watched it all and I just don’t get the hype

Is it a movie I will enjoy being stoned to the bone?

Its DC highest grossing live action film, if they put out feature length Animated movies marvel would have stood zero chance