Arnold is coming May 26th!!!!!!

i couldnt give 2 fucks with how broken the matchmaking is to try que to be a pred if im completely honest. plus lack of communication on their point but they can retweet this on twitter. talk about ignorant. and bug fixes and optimisation and other things needed or should be coming soon or asap

Fixes are always going to be more important. But planned content is already planned. It’s usually divided amongst teams.

I really dont care about content at this point.

Cant get excited. Drop a patch.

I don’t think I ever saw specifics regarding it being free. I’m sure there will be various free DLC though. At least hopefully, lol.

Wait they want us to PAY for DLC? lmao We already paid for half a game.


The developers also recently shared the 1.0 patch notes for Predator: Hunting Grounds based on player feedback from the public trial. One of the big changes: the Predator now has stealthier footsteps. The team’s post-launch plans will kick off with a free content update dropping in “a little over a month.”

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fucking hell hahaha. i paid 47 quid for the digital deluxe now this lmaooo Starting May 26, players will be able to purchase a DLC that allows gamers to play as Dutch. i dont think so lol

Not paying another dime

yep… fixes over new content any day rn

arnold won’t get a penny from me

Im literally finding multiple sources saying “free content update”. Heres another one.

"### Post-launch Support

Speaking of planned updates, we view the launch of Predator: Hunting Grounds as just the beginning. What that means to us, at IllFonic, is that we ​can continue to drop new content post launch. We do have a roadmap in place for this already. In fact, you will see the first content update​ — which will be a free one — go live a little over a month from now. And the​re will be more content updates after that. These will include many great surprises. This is part of why our community forums are so special to us. We are listening and taking your feedback to heart, whether it be found bugs or comments on the game."

Right? its like modern game devs have a meeting that goes something like…

“Ok we made our cash in alpha sales, how do we kill this game as fast as possible so we dont have to put any more work into it?”.

I know… paid DLC after promising free content updates.

Well then I’m sure there’s another and it ain’t this, haha. Appreciate the info!

They’ve mentioned multiple times they have a lot of content planned. So I’m sure there will be multiple drops/updates.

yep… sorry Arny but we got bigger issues than u rn

no no no no. It said about a month after release. May 26th is a month after release.

Do you work for them or something? lol, free content means free content. The thieving bastards have already sold us half a game for full price.

I see what you’re saying and you’re right, but there could be this and something they comes with it. I’m aware that’s a month later.

As lame as it could sound this could be paid, and the free DLC could be some skins or something. I wouldn’t expect too much personally.

exactly. if they want to piss off their fanbase and players. they just went about it the right way. digging themself an early grave for it to collapse and what milk it to the death. dlc first before an actual patch or bug fixes and they are keeping quiet as hell

I still take issue with it being a free content update but what you are saying is that only certain things in it will be free. I take issue with that because then it is infact not a free content update.

If they released this at a later date id have no issue with it being paid. But if it releases in the timeframe that they said it will be a free content update then I have a problem.

yep… cash grab while the game is a buggy catastrophe, big mistake if they do this