ARRRRR! The Pirate Predator be here, matey!

Feast yer eyes on the most dreaded hunter of the high seas! Ya ha ha harr harrrr!


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@Courier @OldKingHamlet Make it happen!


After my knight class first


Sorry, bean. Scalawags steal, and he’s stealing your knights spot!

Don’t let me call greyback or better known to pirate scourges as the golden angel

Call him! He and the Capt. can team up! Start a fleet!

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So did Neca just make this. Cause you might have leaked the next pred lol

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No, I made it. Its Albino Pred with parts from Avp Elder Pred, Neca Capt. Norrington from POTC 2 and Pirate Spawn 1 from McFarlane toys. Fairly simple to do, just had to be delicate with it while assembly/disassembly. Now I just want to get Davy Jones’ hat. I believe that one may be the only one large enough for his head. Even if it doesn’t work out with the hat, I’m happy with it.

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That albino Pred is going for $100 online as it was a comic con exclusive

I paid $39 on ebay. $100 is for suckers.

You’re right

Glad I didn’t get it from my regular seller

I hate it when they price gouge like that

Yeah, me too. I currently have a huge collection on ebay right now. It’s pricey, but for the amount of stuff there is, I feel its fair.

Something tells me illfonic already had a hand in this? They have a track record for nerfing preds. No plasma caster!!? And basically ony kind good arm!!? Weak

But if he leads a skinned crew ala pirates of the carribean, then i take it all back 😁

His name is Hook.

After sneaking onto the Queen Anne’s Revenge, he got black out drunk on rum and tried to kill and claim Edward Teach, the legendary Blackbeard. It cost him a hand and he fell overboard. To add insult to injury, a swivel gun shot took out the shoulder mounted plasma caster.

Thus disgraced, his clan leader refused to allow him back on their ship until his honor was restored. He took the broken pieces of his plasma caster, wrist launcher and a maintenance tool kit and fashioned his hook-hand. Its made from ever-sharp vertinarium, given to him by his clan-brother, Big Red.

His wounds dressed and new appendage fashioned, he made his way back onto Blackbeards ship to challenge the captain to single combat. Just then, the British fleet arrived and laid siege to the pirates and the beast. The waves rose, a mighty wind storm blew in and all ships were tossed about as toys to a toddler, but still the battle raged! A British Lieutenant noticed a massive, shimmering ghost on the deck, striding toward the desperate pirate, throwing sailor and scalawag out of its way as if the Devil himself had come to claim a soul.

Finally within reach of his prize, Hook dropped his cloak and kicked the scoundrel clear across the deck, into his own cabin door. Stunned, Blackbeard managed to get to his knees to see again the hulking form against the night sky, a look in its eyes he knew all too well. Before Teach could make a sound, Hook brought up his hook under and into Teach’s chin with such force that his head and entire spine ripped free of his now lifeless body. It flopped about on the deck as a great fish dumped from a net.

Hook turned around and noticed that all combat had ceased, every eye now fixed on him and his prize. He bent and took the largest of Blackbeards pistols, sword and overcoat. Still, no man uttered nary a peep. Prizes in-hand, the hunter leaned back and roared his victory to the Heavens. He strode to the plank on the starboard side and leapt o’er the side, disappearing into the dark waters never to be seen again by any living eyes. While official British Naval records state that Teach was captured and beheaded, his crew up until their last days in prison swore that it was Davy Jones himself, come to claim his due. The surviving Royal sailors still hear the roar of the beast in their nightmares.

Back aboard the Yautja craft, Hook cleaned his prize, mounting it at the top of his trophy wall. He donned the overcoat and made his way to the grand chamber to claim his rewards. He was gifted a pistol and a massive cutlass sword. The pistol is a handheld plasma caster made to look like a flintlock by none other than Greyback himself. His vertinarium cutlass fashioned by the most skilled Yautja weaponer, Spiketail. Now he leads his own crew of Youngbloods, their cloaked hover-skiff overtaking ships on every ocean on earth and across planets untold. None are truly safe from this mightiest of Pirates in any galaxy!

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Epic. Illfonic should implement Pred traps container bottles of rum 😁


P.s. I wrote that whist on the toilet. My feet fell asleep and I nearly fell and hit my head upon standing.

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