Attack on Titan for Beginners Part 2

The nations that despise Marley despise their weapons of war more: The Eldians. Which is why eldians are treated like slaves in other nations.

Not true what about the captured Marleyians who were conscripted into the army from conquered countries and that Asian clan that was convinced by Zeke to intercede for Paradise to other countries but just wanted resources

Technically the eldian empire of old did attack first and the only thing that stopped them was a full-on disinfo campaign because the new pacifist king just hated himself that much

They were captured. How many is that compared to the people that would willingly fight back than serve people that technically aren’t even human? Even eldians don’t like paradise eldians lol.

From what I observed it was just the elites who owned the 9 titans fighting each other in the great Titan war so the king of the founders Titan made a pack with the family with the war hammer Titan and helped the Marleyians to have control of the 9 titans then the king of the founding Titan left to paradise

No they were from the countries that were conquered by Marley, if they sent emissaries to these countries of those said conscripts they could have easily constructed plants, factories and weapons on Paradise, especially since Paradise has a lot of resources with that special material gas that helps with ODM gear, maybe they could of made ODM weapons while Marley was at war! which is why Marley wanted to invade in the first place

I know. But eldisns pledged peace afterwards and kept up their word until they were attacked. Marley should have let sleeping dogs lie

Marley failed to learn from history. They saw eldians trying to rule the world and it brought only more war and destruction. Now they are doing the same thing


Marleyians are the worst hypocrites, first they suppress the ones living on the main land in ghettos, then they conscript using them to fight in the front lines, then use the warrior program to control some of the nine titans to expand their country, if I was a Eldian and got into the warrior program I would have started a revolt with the restorationalists

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