Attack on Titan for Beginners Part 2

Part 1 Attack on Titan for beginners

Anyway so last time I posted this I didn’t know what it was about but in 2 weeks I’ve seen all the episodes and now the last season with more episodes to come, I love this series that I’m like this now


Same here. I don’t really watch tv or any other shows. @Finessology recommended it and i wasn’t ready to get into a long series but it grew in me. Too bad that it’s almost over

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Don’t say that he could change his mind! 😭

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All good things come to an end. I kinda feel the show is dragging it’s fet lately too, so its time. Im sure that after it’s over and a few months have passed, I’ll rewatch it again

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No it’s not dragging people say it’s rush I blame Covid

I didn’t really think much about watching AoT, started it this week, caught up to it in 2 days lol, I regret not watching it beforehand.

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Perhaps. Eldians are stacked right now. They made a move so it’s all out war. I think Eren will go nuts and eldisns will join other nations to defeat him and after that there will be peace 😁

I had to binge as well and it was not easy. There’s so much emotion that i can barely recover from episode to episode 😂

But yeah, it would have been amazing having to wait a week for the other three seasons in anticipation for next episode

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I was kinda disappointed how the intro kept showing multiple beast titans but there was only one lol, like I was kinda wanting to see the T Rex Titan ngl.

Lol, id love to hear the eldisns yell out in fear ‘its a t-rex’ instead of ‘its a titan’

You read the manga lol cheater

I didn’t, but did see part of it on youtube, but not that part. That was a guess built on @Finessology’s saying that a peace ending is expected

Nope I saw the tease he will continue the rumbling and it’s connected to historia and I’m not going to spoil it after that

Oh good, i won’t keep guessing 😁

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Hey did you read what I posted in the other thread?

Armin and the gang want peace, but the deck is so stacked against the Eldians that Eren’s solution is the only good one. What makes Eren not work well as a villain is that everyone against him has no other plan, and are only opposed to the sheer brutality of what is happening.

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Although they are at the forefront of the story and the fighting, i feel like there’s a disconnect from the Eldian military. They are supposed to be in charge of this and not the ‘scout keeds’. I think there are diplomatic possibilities that are short term bad for paradis because their resources will be drained, but it opens up a possibility for a long term truce with other nations and technological advancement. The titans will be a short term security policy and once paradis has caught up with other nations technologically and economically the curse of Emir can be forgotten away into obscurity. The show build futility through lack of options

How though? They have the smallest military on earth. And the founding titan which is an unpredictable god any one of them can inherit, it’s too much up in the air for one side to let the other live. All these other nations were rallying to attack paradise regardless because if Marley sees a threat (despite being the ones notorious for monipolizing a titan army and having the most to gain from eldians) there is definitely a threat there. Udo says Marleyean eldians are actually given preferrable treatment there (due to family lines like the Tyburs & warrior statuses) compared to other nations - and they say this while living in concentration camps and being sent out as war dogs. Even if the curse is lifted that isn’t going to get the age old boot off of everyone else’s neck.

A demonstration of strength via rumbling is still confirming the radicalized beliefs of the rest of the world, it’s inevitable given both eldian history and their ability to singlehandedly kickstart an apocalypse event. It’s either death and destruction or someone uses the founding to mind wipe everyone.

The whole “they just need time to teach everyone world peace and catch up” just doesn’t work with how thin their options are IMO.

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Marley sees eldisns as a threat because they attacked first and now fear retaliation. Eldians did not attack anyone until they attacked marley, cause they failed to reach a truce. They should have went with the truce which would give them an ally and offer some protection. They would still continue with founding titan and passing down of shifter for temporary protection if truce were to break down. If truce held up and other trade/economic truces could be established, there would be no need for Eldian aggression and the world would trust them. This may be naive, but i think it’s a decent option.

If eldisns were to survive this, then they can free the rest of their people from Marley and just forget about the shifter and the curse.

It’s a bit boggling that other nations at war don’t form alliances too. The picture that the anime pains is not realistic and thus a lack of options

So basically Eren had to become the villain so Paradise will survive so he can be free but still, like I mentioned in other thread, they had plenty of time to advance technologically or borrow other nations who despise Marley.