Attack on Titan News!

So wanna know! 😩

Check out the latest trailer! Lol

Jk but this games keeping my hype lol but also scared Titans will start falling from the sky or worse, seeing the rumbling while I’m on the beach lol 😂

It is probable that Zeke was lying. I wonder to what end. This would seem to strengthen the bond between Mikasa and Eren. Perhaps Zeke was testing if Eren was on track to go along with Eldian extinction plan or would he hesitate when it came to this revelation.

Levi likely did have his latent emerge in the part although it would seem that he’d stick by that person and protect their life. Perhaps he failed and that person died, so Levi was free. Must have happened sometime after Kenny left him.

Yes Zeke was testing him and it was his mom I think and that activated it or rumors suggest

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Mom is a possibility

This might have the answers to what we seek

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So cool

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The rumbling is here!

So many lives lost

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Nah, less lives to kill Eldians

I’m so buying this!

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Weren’t the ones parachuted eldians?

No they Marleyians and they got eaten

In the first vid?

No that’s fort Slava, that takes place after the failure or getting the founding Titan and losing their 2 big guns Colossal and female, then the world declared war on Marley but they got at least the jaw Titan from Ymir and won the war…freaking hypocrites, they hate Titans but use them to dominate the world 🙄

See article says

Marleyan army descending upon Paradis Island, currently occupied by Eren’s hopeless followers, the Jaegerists.

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Why did the world declare war on Marley at that time?

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This loss of power was noticed by the Mid-East Allied Forces, a coalition of territories against the nation of Marley, and thus war was declared in the year [850]

It feels like the Mid-East Allied Forces should have had a pretty decent idea of what was going on between Marley and Paradis and even though they lost the war, i didnt seem like Marley ruled the world, just that it was not good to oppose them militarily. So i don’t get why the rest of the world was so hesitant to ally with Paradis and continued to buy into Marley propaganda. Clearly Paradis was not engaging in conflict. Does it make sense to think that they are worse than Marley? Perhaps they feared the resurgent rule of Eldians again, but that’s kind of the stuff they were getting with Marley in charge anyway, plus Marley was using Eldians ok n battle so enemy of my enemy thing should have worked.

No because everyone hates Eldians, it’s purely racism, that’s why it’s excusable for the rumbling

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I get that. Marleyan propaganda works well

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Good your officially a Eldian, now go buy the shirt and be proud 🥲

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