Auto. Retrieve. The. Combistick.

Pretty simple Illfonic, I don’t know if you care at all about my posts or this game but I’m sick and tired of the combistick getting stuck somewhere I can’t retrieve it just because I threw it. It’s high time that we get an auto combistick return after like 2 or 5 minutes, this way I don’t have to go the rest of the match without a good melee weapon.

Thank you for coming to my Pred Talk

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Ha. Maybe if it glitches through the ground. You only have yourself to blame if you throw it too high.


Dude, is it you throwing it at bad angles, or it glitching out?

I had one where I threw it at a bad angle and it was high up on a tree xD.
It was pretty funny to me.

I coulda gotten it back but I said fk it lol.

Not opposed, rather have it be delivered to a spot on the map and be retrieved from there but can’t say it would bother me if it just popped back in your inventory.

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no, it’s just when you throw it towards the edge of the map the thing travels so fucking far it lodges into points beyond the bounds, which I think is unfair tbh. Hard to get ranged kills with it, when you are worried it’s just gonna fly off to where you can’t get it.

Also glitches… lots and lots of times it just phases through some weak texture and becomes impossible to get back, so yeah I think implementing this would help with that

It’s role is initiator. If you get a hit and it hits the ground nearby, you’ve knocked off a lot of health and they are blind for a couple seconds. Follow up with a couple melee attacks and most FTs are downed.

Yeah after two minutes it should be given back to you, the punishment being that you’re not allowed to use it for two whole minutes. This should also apply to any projectile weapon that is out of bounds.

It sounds like there needs to barriers specifically for gear and weapons.
Sometimes med kits will go through a table and stuff like that.



I cry when pizza deserves to die?


At the most, after some time, it should drop from trees and, if it leaves the map, it should return to within bounds nearest where it left the map.


Or take one of three better melee weapons instead

Like the best melee the war club?

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Elder, Sickle or katana. Ppl who rely on

“Me have combi me slash slash throw slash hahahah” are skillless

Hey It takes skill to miss that throw as much as I do

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Pfft the truly skilled use guns.
Guns are for pussies lol.

I’m not a fan of what you’ve mentioned.
I think the slash throw focus, like only doing that is a bit lame, but out of all the weapons I like the swings of the combi the most.

It’s the only one, that even tho it’s slow, feels the most effective.
The other ones can be, but idk.
I feel like they lock you in place.

I usually down ppl with combi swings then when they go down il finish em off with spear throws.
They gladly shoot me if I’m healing in second wind so I match the viciousness lmao.

Hah stick to scout all your good for is running around like a crack head.

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Combi is worthless. So many better options. I rarely see any preda use the plasma caster anymore its always combi and bow and they die just like the rest

I still use it lol.
Its cause ppl dont really seem to utilize everything available.

Like the amount of ppl I see that dont hit through walls with pc if ppl are camping is a bit astonishing to me.

Hitting barrels, luring ppl, making them waste a whole clip then going in, faking out the knife stab,
A buncha little shit really.

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And I have to disagree.
It’s useless if you dont know how to use it.
And i dont mean only throw it.

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