Automatically attacking after every time you jump

I mean it’s only been about 2 years since this has been a bug but I mean come on. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t get insanely pissed off when every time they jump as the predator it automatically makes them do a power slam or swipe their weapon every single time. Not only does it make the fire team know exactly where you are every single jump but you literally cannot escape a good fire team when this glitch happens. Like I said it’s only been like 2 years since this has been happening so I would expect nothing more from ill-phonic than to just keep saying fuck you want some candy to all the predator players 😂

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Do you have a picture showing the problem?

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They’re not here. Game is abandoned. Buy Ghostbusters.

wow 14hrs ago, you had a problem than was a problem that people had figured out…so long as you have macros installed or pressed too many buttons…and why the fuck had you not wanted to ‘search’ the forums for this?

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A way to fix that is equip the plasma pistol and wen it happens aim and shoot the pistol then it’ll stop, not for good, but wenever it happens

No lol?

I not only figured out how to reproduce this but I also posted a solutions page a long time ago to which no one sees apparently

I named this bug auto-fire and you press fire again to get rid of it

I also have an updated user solutions page that is incomplete but suffices for now since the game is dead

It works for me wen i do it.

its fucking macros! why the hell are people getting angry complaining to the bug section when they are obviously using macros!