Predator - Auto Fire [Patch 2.44]

Platform: PC

Operating System: Windows 10 Home
GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Armor
CPU: Intel i7-9700K
RAM: CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PR DDR4 64 GB
Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z390-A

Predator - Auto Fire

Predator enters a state that automatically holds ‘Fire’ input when pressing ‘Fire’ + ‘Leap’ by mistake

Solution: Press ‘Fire’ input

Auto Fire [Technical]

‘Leap’ (Down Hold) --> ‘Leap’ (Up) --> ‘Fire’ (Down) --> ‘Fire’ (Up)

Auto Fire [Recreation Friendly]

‘Leap’ --> ‘Fire’

Auto Fire [Practical/Default input] [PC] [Mouse and Keyboard]

Control --> LMB

Auto Fire [Practical/Default input] [PS4/PS5] [Gamepad/Controller]

R2/RT --> R1/RB


Predator - Auto Fire is distrusting to gameflow and commonly causes Predator to slam infront of Fireteam members or disrupt evasion


  • Easier to recreate on controller

  • Behaves as if ‘Fire’ is being held down

Additional Information

Can occur as host of Private Game and when connected to public server

Inputs that interact with ‘Fire’

  • ‘Jump’, ‘Jump/Interact’, ‘Jump/Leap/Interact’, ‘Jump/Branch Switch’, ‘Stealth Dismount’ (When Predator lands also causes Predator to ‘Fire’ --> ‘Crouch’ (Sit) --> ‘Crouch’ (Stand)

  • ‘Leap’, ‘Jump/Leap/Interact’, (Causes Predator to Slam, when energy is depleted, Predator will inherit its interaction with ‘Jump’)

  • ‘Sprint’, ‘Sprint/Interact’, ‘Sprint Toggle’, ‘Select Weapon (1-4)’, ‘Weapon Wheel’ (Causes Predator to ‘Fire’, holding these inputs also causes Predator to ‘Fire’ 3 times in a row)


Seemingly the underlying issue is that holding down ‘Fire’ and having it interact with other inputs is the root source of the problem and is separate from the input chain of ‘Fire’ --> ‘Leap’ causing ‘Fire’ to be stuck

Also did some more testing afterwards that wasn’t included in the video

Estimated Activity

2020-04-25T07:00:00Z (Patch 1.0) - 2022-11-27T08:00:00Z (Patch 2.44)


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This is literally more helpful than anything Illfonic have ever said, EVER.


But did you try deleting your saved game data


I’m also looking to recreate a variant of this for FT

Found report of the variant

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Added community backed reporting

Starting from 4/25/20 and up

All I have to go by are vague descriptions and I can still pair that with a bug inside my database