AVP Movies

Honestly I found the first one quite enjoyable idk why it gets some hate, Reqiuem’s hate is understandable, 1st one had some good use of practical effects with cgi for the drones and queen


Primarily it’s because they made a pg13 movie to try to get more people to see it and sell toys. They wanted more butts in seats, but all they did was irritate the fan base of both franchises. The makeup etc WAS very nice, no complaints there. But almost all the actors were not very good, the actual physics of the location were handled poorly (running around Antarctica in just a simple shirt and yoga pants), the spark of romance betwixt Lex and Scar (seriously, wtf?!?!?!?), the Preds can’t just have one win ever, and the cooler looking preds both died within a 10 minute period. Lots to hate.

But the concept of the buried pyramid, luring the humans there for the hunt, the transforming pyramid, lots of stuff on paper was sweet, but when you hire one of the worst directors of all time, you get what we got.

Requiem has its own issues, but Wolf is a frickin legend, regardless of how the rest of the movie turned out.


Hmm understandable

Is this official or hearsay

Because according to the commentary the rating was a surprise.

Also that’s hardly a negative.

That was literally by circumstance.



there was more romance set up between the dude she hanged out with

Yeah, it’s official. The studio stepped in and made it pg13, because R rated films were not having a very good time. Most big movies at that time were cemented into the pg13 mold, regardless of what it was. Also, this was quite a bit after the AvP comics and Kenner toy lines had launched and were pretty popular in their day, so they certainly wanted to sell toys. And yes, turning 2 R-rated franchises into a pg13 movie for tweens is an awful idea.

Circumstance, or director/studio demanding that the hot female lead strip down? Doesn’t matter, it’s still beyond stupid. If it was i.perative that Lex strip down to pj’s, then they should’ve left the fighting inside the pyramid and written around it. She’d have been dead in seconds and even a dope like me won’t stretchy imagination that far.

I will never calm down about Lex and Scar nearly wet, sloppy tongue kissing. That’s like a top 10 worst moments in sci-fi for me. If one is into that kinda thing, they need serious therapy or just a straight jacket. Whoever had that idea should never work in film or TV again.

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I find the first AvP a really entertaining and decent movie, the effect and the designs are good and the director did a solid job for the most part

I can understand the disappointment for the majority of people, but when I go to see “Alien versus Predator by Paul W.S. Anderson” I’m ready to have just a fun action movie, and surely I don’t expect a masterpiece like Scott’s Alien or like Predator (1987)

So I think it does its job.
A shame for the PG-13 but still it doesn’t bother me that much in this specific case, the violence is still present and both yautja and xenos get their dose of blood.

About AvP2/Requiem… that’s a bad movie, with some positive notes here and there, but still overall bad:
I’d say that the costumes and the designs are great, but we can’t see them because of the excessively dark photography,
the action scenes and some shots are pretty good, but we can’t enjoy them because of the dark photography, again
but for me even worst is the writing of the human “characters”, so generic and bland, filling half of the movie with nothing.
I might’ve focus only on the ex-inmate guy and the cop, but it doesn’t really matter.

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Both are shit.


Okay again, why am I the only not effected by this

The lighting is the least of that movies worries

It’s “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley… lol. But for real, what’s Hazbin hotel, like a mobile game or something?

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No. It’s a pilot for a series set in hell. It’s a adult comedy musical, though the musical part plays more like Disney than an actual musical.

Right now they’re working on the entire first season which is looking to come out next year.

The pilot is genuinely well written and funny. The attention to detail is amazing.

Now the furry part comes in when you realize most of the characters are xenofiction. The pilot isn’t inherently furry but it still attracts that crowd.

Plus it’s free on YouTube

Sounds like my life story

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AvP2 made AvP1 look like art.

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yall need to stop watching movies. so that you never have to write about it.

honestly i didnt think avpr was that bad but it was way worse in comparison to avp imo

The predator mandibles/face are what ruin it for me. They need to go back to the roots on sculpting the mouth closed instead of open…

Looks like loose roast beef lips as checks… absolutely horrible looking !! And the eyes are tooo human like or puppy dog eyes. Not predator material…

Go back to p1 and p2 then rewatch avp-the predator all sculpted the same… SHIT.

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The makeup in P’s 1&2 IS much better. Had I to guess, they wanted Scars eyes to emote more when he gets stabbed by the queen, and wanted his mandibles to open further. Just a guess, but it seems logical.

But executed horrible… should have stuck with the og molds and slightly alter those…. No need to have human eyes for a predator. Or loose flimsy skin for checks. Ugh saddens me their doing the makeup for Prey