Berserker and City hunter need buffs and here’s why

With Hunter having 1250 health, and 7.5% passive armor. He is just wayyyy better than both of these classes. Here’s why. You put on impen and you now have 27.5% armor. Or in other words, 27.5% more health. Putting you over what berserker has at base health. BUT LLAMA WHAT IF YOU PUT IMPEN ON ZERK?? Excellent question. Berserker has this really lame passive where he regains stamina very slow. Add that with his already low stamina pool, and well. Long story short you need adrenal boost to play berserker and not feel AWFUL. But zerks low perk points don’t allow him to run both of these.

So when you run berserker, you’re actively choosing to either be tank but completely immobile(which is very very bad) or run adrenal boost to have an actual playable stamina pool, but then not even be as tanky as hunter… Hunter just outclasses berserker as a tank… that doesn’t really seem right. And hunter does not feel op so the answer is not to nerf hunter but to buff berserker. He needs 1 more perk point, and possibly even more stamina and the removal of his stamina regeneration debuff.

City hunter might sound a little crazy, saying he needs a buff. As when he dropped he was widely accepted as the strongest class. But he’s fallen from grace. I’m not saying he’s bad, but he’s definitely redundant. No class should just straight up be better than another. They should offer different playstyles and such. But hunter is just Straight up better than city hunter. City hunter does not share Hunters passive armor. So he just dies faster straight up. Then on top of that he had less perk points. So for the small price of dying faster and having less perk points, you get… a wrist launcher… Terrible. TERRIBLE value there. My suggested buff would be to increase city hunters speed to scouts, and give him the same number of perk points as Hunter. If you Just make him faster, he’s still not as good as hunter and Scout would just be a better version of city hunter still, as scout also has the 7.5 passive armor and adding that with impen would actually make him tankier than city hunter and would have more stamina. So city hunter at his current state is not at a very good spot. There’s buffs you could give him , and he’d still be weaker than scout and hunter.

So please @Courier @OldKingHamlet… please pass on the message that these two classes are just statistically worse than the base hunter and completely outperformed. To that end Samurai could also lose the stamina debuff and Viking could use a lot of help, but also I could care less about those nonsense classes so please just focus on the 2 I’ve listed above


Zerker, samurai and viking are melee focused classes. The problem is that the melee itself is ineffective, compared to the ranged playstyle.

Should be mentioned that the specializations on those classes are also garbage. If they want to make melee classes more viable, they should rework the whole melee system. At the current state of the game, any buffs for zerker won’t make him better.

City hunter is decent, not really requires any significant buffs, but I agree, that the regular hunter is a better choice.

P.s. Impenetrable is not worth 6 perk points.


I mean objectively Buffs to berserker would help. Lol. And City hunter is just objectively way weaker than Hunter and scout, that’s just bad lol. Like if you pick him you’re just choosing to be weaker. And ignoring 1/5th of incoming damage is 1000% worth 6 perk points

I don’t need it, cause I don’t really take that much damage.

Hunter with down range, Impen, modified reserve so you can be cloaked infinitely, plus fervent. You are throwing FAT damage down range with plasma and you have a larger health pool than berserker while also having good stamina and speed.

How are you going to make a melee focused class better?

Ohhhh you’re right, shoulda thought of that. Just don’t take as much damage got it

If you have enough perk points to actually use impen plus adrenal boost, you’d then actually be a tank, and have the Stamina to leap in and out. You don’t even have to be straight up melee you could just be wanting to be the tank class, but at the moment Hunter makes for a better tank class

But if you did want to use Berserker for melee, you could run net gun or attempt using bear traps. But even at that with his current stamina pool you will swing yourself out of stamina, not be able to leap out, and get melted. Berserker will feel much much much better with the buffs I suggest. Not OP in the slightest, just better than the straight garbage he is now

For me it works fine. Just don’t take damage lol.

Also, grenades completely ignore impenetrable.

Without any significant damage boost and with garbage specs. Sounds awesome.

You main goal is to kill the ft. With that build, you will be able to stay alive, maybe, but you not gonna win a game.

Impenetrable should be de-nerfed to only cost 5 Points.

Wrist Launcher needs to have a Damage Buff, Badly. The worst gear item in the game with the only going for it is fire damage that makes FT a glowstick in Thermal. (Iirc) and that’s the thing, City Hunter is built around being forced to have Wrist Launcher, but having no actual damage resist and all of that is just not worth running him most of the time.

That really sucks when he’s pretty much the best class for a Tactican Bulid with his movement speed.

All Predators should have the passive Bullet Damage resist. Imo.

Berserker should loose the Stam Regen Defbuff but that’s it. Also probably replace Enraged with Tactican. Legit no reason why Berserker shouldn’t have Tactican.

I’m a tiny bit of a Samurai “main”, so this might sound biased. He should get 2 more Perk Points along with loosing the Stam Debuff since he’s supposed to be a Melee Hunter that’s also tankier. A tiny Melee Damage Resist and 50 Extra Health is not worth the demolished Stamina and only 10 Perk Points.

Viking is in a good place. No lie.

the easiest way to make melee focused classes better is to make specs that affect parrying baseline for those classes in some respect wether it’s reducing parry stun time by 10% or letting 20% of damage go through parry and give all of them a passive like this

Insert creative name here:
Every time the predator spends stamina the predator gains X% damage reduction (the damage reduction can vary based on the class itself) for X seconds (this could also vary and if needed stack on itself) this lets these predators not only perform better cause of their lack of stamina and speed but it lets them melee (which is the most dangerous thing they can do currently) while having a little bit less risk
when these heavy predators who are quite literally wearing the most armor you’d think they’d have some form of damage reduction because of it


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Do people have a problem with Viking? I’ve never had problems with him tbh.

yeah he is constantly meme’d about cause he is generally just berzerker but has more perk points (which while does make him CONSIDERABLY better)

that doesn’t mean he is in a good spot if all other predator classes perform better than he does samurai does better than he does for the sole reason of having better specs

you want predator classes to ensure the players do not feel like there at a major disadvantage for playing them that they have some unique strengths that allow all of them to be able to face any struggle they run into but alot of the heavy predators are quite literally in the case of “well if i try to melee i will probably trade 60% of my hp for one kill? and if i play at range they will probably bully me with long range gunfire so that when i go to heal i will never be able to cause i’m too slow…”

but currently most predators that aren’t hunter or city hunter or elder (scout too according to some people) do not feel this way

Only reason to choose City over other would be for if you are good at using the analytic spec. It can be the best in certain situations.

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That’s fair. I like to take hit and run tactics with like any class I go with (besides Elder ofc) and I suppose that influences what I think for every class.

Berserker is so trash and definitely needs a buff of some kind. I like your suggestions for berserker. Increasing the zerk’s perk points and stamina could definitely make it a more formidable class. On top of that, a slight health buff could differentiate it from the Hunter.

When you’re fighting a Viking predator, it actually feels like you’re going against a tanky opponent. It doesn’t feel like that when you fight a Berserker.

I agree with your suggestions for the City Hunter. I didn’t know that his passive armour was less than that of the Hunter’s.

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Viking is probably the worst

But fervent is just more consistent. Analytic doesn’t make city up to par