Berserker winded in five seconds...


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Yeah that’s fine balanced

Cause what about all the ft players who can’t shoot still target’s

Just In case they land a bullet predators should lose 35% after a single second

Besides with the right setup it could be faster

(WARNING this is sarcasm)


You can do it in less

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Nuh uh

Pred’s OP, he didn’t die from the first bullet.


Uh yuh huh hahahah you can do it in 3 seconds

Nu uh prove it

Go put on assault deadly Bane shoot from the hip with the AK from close range. Promise you’ll vomit lol

That’s what I did, my controller just drifts left so I miss a lot lol

bla bla melee is viable even though pred will die before he puts out enough damage bla maybe he should get good and make the swing animations go faster blabla

Something here about melee being viable because its not actually meant to be used. Melee is much better if you solely use ranged weapons!


This game’s balancing philosophy in a nutshell


At last one of them has understood

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It’s funny because it’s true

Practice my child. And you shall land your shots

Well as much as majority of you think its fair i think its unfair cause a full squad SHOULD be able to winded in like 5-10seconds.

While i think 3 players should be close to winding him if he does not properly manage his hunt…

2 players should get him to half a health if hes full… and wind him if he is half…

1 player should not be able to hurt him at all not even half hp… maybe half of half hp.

Predator wasn’t full hp to start with it seems, and it’s kinda the Preds fault for engaging in an enclosed space with no options of leaping way if things get dicey. It is disgusting that this happens but it shouldn’t be nerfed in the slightest, if you’re gonna play sloppy, expect to be punished simple as that. Health management is key, bring a bow, kill some boars, keep the arrows in the boars, and you practically have health for days.

Exactly, its “sloppy” if you do anything other than shoot them with bow from full stealth or just splash caster shots at the building lol because its completely unoptimal. The existence of melee is sloppy and its a complete gamble on how bad the FT is that you’re trying to pull off 5 seconds of locked animations on. And might as well just be a 50/50 dice roll to get stunned and die on PC because people spin around and parry even if you get the first hit in. You’re forfeiting everything for some really bad single target damage and a solo FT has higher DPS just backpedalling and hipfiring at the preds head, it makes no sense to even melee.

  1. Pursue one isolated guy with melee because hes in a building

  2. He has an AK with deadly and you dont have enough damage output to kill 1 guy because you made the mistake of slotting a melee weapon from a big roster full of garbage melee weapons

  3. Get winded before the combo even finishes

  4. Gg thats what you get for doing anything other than camping in a tree spamming caster - which is 5x more rewarding and completely safe in comparison

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Melee is so busted in this game. Had a match the other day expecting potatoes so when I went up to a solo Dutch 87 to melee he was able to parry my second hit of the wrist blades and within that one parry pulled off 4-5 swipes on me which took out half my health on my JH. When I got out of the parry I assumed it must have been just a bug so swiped again but this time I missed (beautiful tracking on those things I must say) however he still parried the whiff and did the same thing until I went into 2nd wind. All it took was two parries solo to essentially kill a pred with melee.

In the scenario the Pred was in, it would be easier to use a Heavy with an axe then retreat out of the building, it’s not that all melee weapons are trash, there’s just a time and place to use them.

You can lose 1v1 at any given time if you don’t play smart and cautious. This is fair and balanced.

If it were a 1v1 game.

Axe is a meme and you hit the sprint when you hear the audio cue and now its like the pred just missed a slam infront of you and is locked in a recovery animation.

Yeah never when you can just stand outside firing indoors. The best way to use melee is not to use it.