Best FT

What ft members would be the best if you put them in a squad.

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Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, and Dutch (or support for your final one


I was literally about to say that lol.

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Any 4 competent brass balled FT

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Lol yeah like I don’t think people understand exactly how bonkers Dutch is

Dutch '87. Dude took combistick to the chest + 3 or 4 wristblade attacks before he got down.
Don’t know what build he was using but damn, even support took less dmg.

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A well rounded Ft.

Depends on what everyone is running and good at!

My personal favorite for my squad is

Recon Spotter, Deadly, Unleashed (any class), Dutch 87 Leader. A Support leader will do if you want that Damage reduction.

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Unfortunately there’s no need for well rounded. Cause with double time thick skin Dutch, you have 180 HP Scout Stamina and speed AND passive OWLF trained AND passive Bane with hip fire. He’s literally bonkers

Dante - field medic
Thick skin, dexterous, (quick release or iron lungs)

Field syrettes and (medic bags, UAV, or grenades and flash bangs)

185 health, 231 effective health while sprinting, 1 second revives, and faster than Dutch 25 and Assault with equal stamina.


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Lmao this game is so fucking broken

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Dante is for sure. Field medic supports are close because the 20% damage reduction for teammates. Dutch 87 is too tanky with mud damage resistance.

At least assault can build the Bane, deadly, and passive damage attack.

OWLF Operative is in an okay spot as well.

Scout and Recon just seem to me to be terribly weak without much of a beneficial trade off.

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Scout is fucking broken. Put on duelist and bane. Go try it one time with the 1911 and come back to me lol

Probably somethin like
Supp field medic or dante fm
Dutch 87 leader or OWLF spotter
Assault deadly or (the spec that you take dmg deal more dmg)
Repeat any one thing from above (replace spotter with sniper if 2 OWLF

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Okay. That’s the one effective build, but why not just be ultra tanky or have instant revives instead?


It’s more than effective. You literally 1 mag him. It’s like actually broken damage. Have 2 of these and if he ever EVER drops down to even try and 2 slash someone you will wind him instantly

All the good preds use mostly caster and bow, so… I don’t know.

Ok but if your doing this ur probably taking bane so no thick skin so the predator Is 2 tapping these dudes with that caster

Is that worth the risk when you could already guarantee close range death with literally anyone else and a ak or pdw

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He does get thick skin with baneee lololol

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You get Thick skin, Bane, and then run the fast hands perk so you can tap him with your sniper, he leaps in you quick switch to colt and lay waste in like 1.5 seconds lol

Bro trust me. I know I know. But that’s why you run a range weapon primary. Do chunks, and if they have even 1 slight bad judgment move, they are winded.