Beware of a toxic ps4 player

Moderated is a very toxic player. Gets beaten and talks smack and sends hate mail and as soon you say anything that violates psn terms of service he is like got you and reports you. This is highly toxic and he is to be avoided at all cost

Kind of like everyone on this forum.


got em

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Where are the decent people who just like the thrill of gaming?


Did you see the angryjoe review of the game? They’re the sort of guys I wanna hunt with.

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Hey bro, speak for yourself lol


I guess. I teabagged his body after he got body blocked in a tiny building with one entrance and killed him lol and he hate mailed me so i sent him a image of the teabag and said get good scrub. Uggh time to upgrade to a pc lol


I’ll be removing screen names from this post as they aren’t really needed for this discussion, and reporting of out-of-game harassment should probably be done through the platform tools.


The name is still visible if you check the edits.

(Not saying that to undermine your efforts, sorry if it seems that way.)

Thanks, I actually wasn’t aware of that



Glad to help.

His name should be “Madcuzimbad”

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I try to make a game as fun as possible for everyone! When I come across a toxic player/ team, I just ignore them, and I never gloat or tea bag if I managed to outplay them. I hate that sh*t, and it’s not necessary at all. (If I’m ever in a game where it’s 1 v 1, I just help that player to the end, cuz he can’t win against the predator alone… So they might as well get their ponits or whatever else they need.)

Hey! I’ve been working on myself and I’m getting better every day! At least my psychiatrist says the worst is behind me…

I mean I can always re edit it

That’s why I mute everyone and say nothing or respond anything. I’m play the game to enjoy it, not to be a Kardashian and start a shitshow just because someone was better then me.

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you mean the tools that literally do nothing and just think your doing helpful?

What’s the nickname of the lad ?

Anychance It may be Mentalist77 ?