Bionic Predator

If that’s true. What a waste of opportunity. They could’ve just reskinned a mr black and made a Feral to capitalize on the movie buzz.


Because they haven’t posted it public yet. It goes out to certain regions first! You should start seeing it in the next hour. I don’t have it yet either

Comes with new plasma caster that has a 25 meter radius explosion and does 100 damage.

Takes 3 seconds to fully charge.

Also has shield tech that has 1.9k hp.

As well as nano machines that heal him if he hasn’t taken damage for 5 seconds. They heal him up 90%.

Has 2k hp.

Lol that’s never reliable source

Feral’s Mask is in the update too, we have no idea what the Patch Notes are because they’ve not been added yet. Bionic was on the Leak List from January, along with Celtic, a Pirate Pred & Amazon Pred. So Feral will probably be inserted along the way as he wasn’t originally planned.


No I mean the Update Thread on this Forum was linked in the Discord.

Yur welcome

Just reviewed! Looks like there still adding! Because all that’s there is the DLC and the bone mask. But, it’s not public yet, they could still be working on it


Yeah even when these posts go public they’ve went back & edited them because the idiots don’t have everything on one list ready to go.



Well I hope they just accidentally blew their load here because it just seems like they’ve been doing fuck all again but to a new extreme with zero changes and bug fixes.


Hopefully, the patch notes are still hidden and isn’t public yet. So, well see

Ok I never wanted this Predator,

But I have to admit this looks fucking sick

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Mask kind of looks inspired by Gort.

Exactly! The update isn’t out for me yet! But this Predator looks fucking badass! And, we did get the Bone Mask at least

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Hey Ja5on. You will be doing a vid on this pred right?!

They better be typing out/hiding at least 3 paragraphs of bug fixes/changes because we’ve waited 4 fucking months. Now Bionic does look really fucking cool, and having Feral’s mask is good. But anything less then at least 3 paragraphs and someone should get a shoe upside their head.


Yeah true.
He better be overpowered and if he is another Zerker reskin I’m probably going to quit the game.

As soon as anyone gets a look at his stats and specialisations please send screenshots.


Yeah I will if I can get online anytime soon

This pred looks amazing for rage quit
Get ready for Fireteam

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