Black History Month

Plz post some Nice images, artwork or whatever else to help spread the love everyone deserves!


I’m going to play bioshock infinite for the first time as part of how I celebrate black history month

Also movies I plan to watch





Night Of The Living Dead

The Thing

They Live

Tales From The Hood

Leprechaun in/back to tha Hood

I also want to make some southern style cooking

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hehe just a meme, please don’t take it seriously


dont forget Black Dynamite!

That is a good one!

So is imagityousucka

And major Payne

And blank man!

48 hrs!

Beverly Hills Cop!

Be Cool!

You didn’t mention The Last Dragon (1985).


I also forgot Vampire in Brooklyn 😅

And Bad Boys


By that i mean everyone deserves justice and fairness and entire social system needs to be rebooted and all people need to retake their job applications to see if they are still worthy or not for the job, and if the people who dont appreciate #ALM there will be people who actually do to take their jobs… enough said honestly this is my take on entire society cause humanity gone too far and forgot about the only thing that matters… our selfs and not some physical shit we accomplish at the end of the day it matters that you are mentally healthy mainly.

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So what about black culture do you appreciate?

I just said ALM ? I appreciate everything that actually helps humanity improve… and not devolve.

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The food, is the food the right answer cause it’s definitely the food.

I will try Chitlings at some point, very hard to find in Canada for some reason. Jerk chicken and rice is fantastic.


I actually appreciate old school music from michael jackson as he is a great example of how unfair life is to talents… that people cant normally live their life without being judged or limited

I’ve had chitlins

Not too crazy about them

I don’t think they were cleaned that well as there was a rather strong poo odor

Dirty rice is great as long as it’s fresh and not out of a box

Easy to make also

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Michael Jackson is a truly great singer

Too bad his reputation has been tarnished though


Also im just gonna put this here… i think jobs should have a anual test to do if they still qualify for their job or not… that involves physical, verbal, tests done to each person… and i think u know what im implying for that started whole thing… it seems fair that new faces new blood who wants justice replaces people who want to fk the balance…

This guy. 1st African American Indi comic character to go past 300 issues. I’d also argue he’s the best African American comic character. John Stewart comes in 2nd and John Henry Irons brings home 3rd. Blade takes 4th. Sam Wilson gets 5th. Miles Morales gets an honorable mention. As does Batwing and Black Lightning. The black Turok does not count as it was a shit-show of a shameless reboot and a slap in the face to arguably the best Native American comic character.

I’ll let someone else do the video game characters.


Blade is dope

Spawn also had his own video game


I own most of them