Bomb difusal kit/class

For that little annoying mini game I just can’t seem to win?!!?!

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So make a whole class for a mini game that can completed in about 2-3 seconds, got it 👍. Better hope that class is also good for taking down the pred or it’ll be useless.


With what, hax?

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All i can say is that it only requires practice. Nothing more.


All right, guess I should go make another account and practice in privates then. Good plan 👍

Practice, it seems insane at first but if you do it enough times you’ll see it’s not so bad. You can speed run it by just memorizing the symbols. I can do it in about 3-5 seconds or so and that’s me being rusty, my one buddy can do it even faster than that and no not through hacks.

No privates. Public.
Dominate the pressure like a man.

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R u my dad? =o

We’ve been saying we need a tutorial since some players don’t even know you can defuse.

However you have 20 seconds which is more than enough time.

  • be close by when defusing
  • shoot off Predator’s helmet first
  • don’t bother with the plasma prototype rifle to gun down Predator
  • don’t bother with minigun to gun them down as you’ll waste time winding up

Pistols are great at gunning off masks. The first two can be rapid fired. Your assault rifle should be able to do it fine. Otherwise just match symbols and don’t panic as you’ll mess up.

If you’re not close enough to Predator to gun them down and run over, and defuse, DONT. You’ll give Predator a kill that way.

key is not to panic, or go to slow. even the tiniest mistake can blow you apart.

They should add a gear item that defuses the bomb

It would take a certain amount of time to work

I hope not.
A child of mine could take jokes like a man.

O not a girl?

Girls don’t take jokes. Only ladies.

I guess you’d know.

Of course, that’s the point exactly.


O is it?

What’s even happening here anymore?

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It is.