Boom playstation trophy is glitched

Boom playstation trophy is the one where you have to destroy 250 explosive barrels. I destroyed 400 and still no trophy popped. This needs to be fixed.


Alot of the PS4 trophies are bugged;

Predkour Master
So Close Yet So Far

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I wish I never bought this game lol

More headache than fun

But alas I’m invested


Same. I’ve invested too much time and money into the game to just drop it, and like a battered lover I believe that this game will change for the better… Our only hope is that another development team takes over


I would be pissed if I was Sony

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I destroyed over 400 barrels as predator and destroyed over 300 barrels as fireteam to be a total of over 700 and still no trophy popped.

I feel your pain man, honestly I do. Sadly, this game is so broken that fixing PlayStation Trophy system is going to be at the bottom of the pile of things to fix.

Illfonic, your updates messed up this trophy. Nobody has earned this trophy within the last 9 days. Please fix this ASAP. BTW, everytime I kill an AI enemy by blowing up a red explosive item next to them, it doesn’t give me the kill for that.

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You have my respect if that means anything you barrel busting crazy person

Those trophies popped for me easily recently. The only trophy popping problem is the Boom trophy.

Did you blow them up completely or just knife them and run away?

If you are not shooting them till they explode then it does not count as you blowing them up

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I blew up over 300 as the predator with plasma cannon, over 300 as fireteam using melee, over 300 as fireteam shooting while it explodes. Nothing works. I’m now trying to blow them up with the predator self destruct bomb. Later, I will buy disc version and avoid the update since Illfonic is failing to fix this for the past 2 weeks.

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You count them? Or you just guessing, melee Dosent work since they blow up after a set time. But idk if you can avoid the update since with the disc it will load whatever update is current.

I update how many I do on my notepad on my laptop. Disc version in offline mode should work if nothing else does. If these Illfonic developers really know how to program hit detection for things like exploding barrels, then how did they come to this complete fail on these barrels after simple updates? It’s pathetic. And it’s also pathetic how everybody doesn’t even see the problem for 2 weeks other than me.

I bought the disc version just to have a chance at popping this trophy without the latest update but it won’t let me even play a private match in offline mode and online mode forces me to get game update version 2.08 which is probably the very update that make this “Boom” trophy unattainable. Apparently, now nobody can get this trophy anymore until they fixed what they messed up within the last 2 updates.

With only Patch version 2.08 added to a brand new disc version, I still didn’t get the trophy to pop after 275 barrels destroyed. So the problem is with patch 2.08. Illfonic, please fix this ASAP and if it will take a while to fix, then please enable the game to play in private match in offline mode. PLEASE!!!

This is my only playstation trophy left for platinum. I’m now spending about 12 hours playing the unpatched tutorial 250 times to destroy 250 barrels as each tutorial has 1 barrel in order to at least have a chance at unlocking this trophy. I shouldn’t have to do this. Illfonic, FIX IT!!!

Idk what you on about I just got it last game

What is your Playstation member name so I can confirm what you said is true?