BOTS? Plz peep

I’ve been playing since day 1 and have declined in how much I play compared to when I started I haven’t actually ran a match in maybe 2 months tbh

And I got to thinking I’d play this game 24/7 constantly if their was bots to replace players

CUHZ NOBODY HERE WANTS TO WAIT 10 mins to play I mean I’ve always had no problem waiting but I’m Sicc of it and you all should be too

But with bots you could play privs by yourself (if the game ends up dead) or just if you want practice or to try new stuff

And instead of waiting 10 mins for a full team you can wait like 5 seconds for a single or duo of real players and the rest r bots


Look I completely understand we need a lot more but in the time being this is all I care about the game will be unplayable with less players every day
I would be on 24/7 I think if
Waiting wAsnt so bad and how broken teams r

I mean think about it what if it was like FH and on priv Matchs you can set bot lvl ect

And it’s random for quick play

I want to hunt some game but THIS DAMN GAME IZ DEAD

I love you all tho and this community and I never want it to die
But all things come to an end I just hope it isn’t as soon as I think 😭 have a good day forum PLZ @ THE WHOLE TEAM IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED

all the OGs remember me I hope pls say HI wile your at it lmaoaoa

@Courier @IllFonic @OldKingHamlet @DisturbedLlama @Idek


No bots.

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Bots would be a good idea but they would half to be able to play like a person

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Why not explainnnnnn

Also you couldn’t of started with HEY YOUR BACC 😂lmaoao

I mean yea obviously easier said than done
But it would revive the game imo

A lot of ppl dipped only cuhz matchmaking tbh

And lvl based bots seem cool
Prey lvl
Warrior lvl
Death squad lvl

The bots of their last game were horrendous

This game isn’t much better than their last one

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They should just shelve AI indefinitely until they get an AI programmer.

AI can’t even path to an alarm but people think illfonic can code AI that navigate the map and shoot at the pred lol

Exactly. And that was a very open map in comparison. Everyone would just be here bitching about how the AI got stuck on a fence or a tree stump and why cant illfonic just code the game better omfg buggiest game ever etc etc

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Yea I totally understand tbh

But tell me not the game iz damn near dead
And wait times r horrid

Even the most garbage bots r something for me to hunt instead of waiting 30 mins to get an empty lobby am I right tho

I’ve seen on here a few days ago lmao.
But nah bots won’t help.
You know what we need. Bug fixes and all that

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Id rather we get new modes to bring people in not introduce some half-assed bots to laugh at tbh. I hate companies working outside their capabilities and Illfonic’s AI is definitely not one of their strengths

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I was just replying to llama Lmaoaoa buh that was like the first time inna month it’s very depressing without my fav community

Yea buh me and a lot of ppl don’t play cuhz of the que times

I used to wait 30+ just to play and I was so exited to hunt and now it’s just not their I don’t wanna wait and then get raped seconds in lol

(I haven’t played in a month so I dunno where balance iz or anything tbh)

Wassup llama 🤣

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Fire always says no bots and says bots would not be good(they would) but he refuses to except they would be great. Like objectively every game ever with good bots is better for it


My duuuude we gotta play again soon

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I feel like if it’s for the fireteam they won’t make them as retarded and tbh they might be better than real players 😂 cuhz they’ll rush for obj and shoot you on sight hard asl 😭

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Yeah my bad I’ve actually been sleeping before midnight now😂😂 and yeah honestly I feel like the hardest thing to do with bots in this game would be not making them too good lol like not making there AI just spot you in the trees while cloaked all the time

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Exactly my thought like how do u make them bad in a game like this??

You can make them way to good not bad 😭

Like the bots we have now I swear ppl were complaing about those

So imagine those with like triple Health and damage

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