Boxing fans

Who seen the davis vs garcia press conferences? What you guys take from both of em

I hope Ryan has his sleeping bag at ringside

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😂😂😂 damn nobody him in him a chance. I feel davis will win but i kinda want ryan to win juat to prove everybody wrong

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I give him a chance , he is a good boxer , I just think tank is more experienced and will shut him down.

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Yea will be a good fight either way shit the tickets already sold out after 2 days

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You didn’t like it? lol

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He’s angery rn, give him some cool down time :)

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Angry? He said tank was gonna win and he did why would he be mad?

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I get mad when I am right all the time

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Oh ok now it makes sense lol yea but after a lot has come to light it makes me wonder why he wouldn’t fight a lot of these guys on a fair playing field? I think he’d still be able to win although might not have had as much KOs but i still think he would of won. So wut Ryan said dies kinda make me think but still would like to see a rematch with not as much stipulations.

What came to light?

That he puts the rehydration clause on fighters. I know the usual rebuttle is “well all fighters do that” still kinda lame tho to not fight a man on a equal playing field and that goes for Floyd, canelo, De la hoya, and all the ppl they say have done it

It seems a lot of fighters have this rehydration clause in contracts , which I’m not entirely against as it stops weight bullies from cutting huge amounts of weight to punch up a midget…which I’m also not against as I do that without cutting weight on weekends…little smug assholes

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Who would be an example as a weight bully?

U got any videos of your fights? U said you did amateur pro? In the ring?

Can’t recall your record.🦾🎉

What you guys think of canelo vs ryder? I was surprised, thought ryder was gonna get KOd but he’s a tough mf and got a lot of heart. Made me a fan

I thought it was…


I didn’t watch it

Not a die hard boxing fan tbh. Used to dig K1 heavy.

Was a Vanderlei Silva fan.

I’m only learning more about boxing because I just started boxing lessons on the weekends two months ago.

My coach recommends and mentions fighters regularly