Brazil style area



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There’s no telling

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Looks awesome, gonna run the loin cloth off some poor Pred if they give me that kind of play ground… need the ability to grasp and climb any edge you run into. Then it will be perfect.


Looks like the fishing village all over again 😐

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Watch it be old concept art for backwater…


That image gives me Dying Light vibes, how it contrast from urban city scapes to more green lush environments granite only certain areas in game are like that.

You mean the the awesome ability known as mantling

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Thank you, couldn’t for the life of me think of the word the other day.

Mantling is exactly what I want.

You don’t know how badly I want the ability to mantle, as both Predator and as FT

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You get no mantle until you buy dante

Damn guess I’ll have to wait till he goes on sale

He is on sale

For $6.99 😁

Do you take me for a fool
I know full well that he isn’t on sale

With April an Dutch’s Egyptian Princess approaching, have you given any thoughts to the “If we’re both wrong about the release date that we both have to change our profile pics to the same image” part of the deal

I choose April 16

If it was Brazil, there would be some big booty bitches dancing Samba. So, maybe somewhere else 🤔

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It’s brazil alright


Oh crap! Brazil for sure next map…



Damn I wanna go to Brazil !

I was surprised to see this game didn’t have it when I bought it, the feature seems like a no-brainer.